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Slow Cooked Zucchini

23 Nov
November 23, 2009

I love zucchini, absolutely love them.I think it would be my favourite vegetable, not that I have met a vege I have not liked, but zucchini, I adore.

Want to share this recipe I tried out on Sunday night with you guys, I was surprised at how good it actually was, has made my favourites list. Read more →


Summer Salt – Melbourne Cup Lunch

14 Nov
November 14, 2009

Tuesday 3rd November was the date this year that stopped a nation, Melbourne Cup Day. In Melbourne you would have been lucky to have had a public holiday, but sadly for the rest of us it was a normal day at work. Hmmmm well that is unless you get the girls together to have a very very long lunch that does not actually get you back to the office in the afternoon!

The venue was Summer Salt, the baby of Carl Jensen who is executive chef and owner. The one thing I love about SummerSalt is their location, perfectly situated at Elouera Surf Club with uninterrupted coastal views, truly sensational.
The eager beaver that I was, I was the first to arrive for the 12pm lunch booking. The restaurant was already live and kicking. I was offered a drink on my arrival, but declined as I was waiting for the others to arrive. Eventually we were all there and chatting away the best we could over the loud music and bad acoustics of the restaurant.

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Blogger Virgin

02 Nov
November 2, 2009

I have been toying with the idea of starting a blog for quite a while and today I took that leap and started Belly Rumbles. I want to share my passion for food, and wow do I have a passion, waist line sadly reflects that!

I love to cook, there is something about creating a beautiful meal to share with the ones you love, seeing plates empty and satisfied smiles on faces. To explore and find new ingredients and successfully come with a wonderful creation is extremely satisfying. I am addicted to sourcing new and exciting ingredients.

My kitchen funnily enough is not filled with 1000s of gadgets, I am satisfied with the basic approach of having a couple of good favourite knives. One of them actually was my grandmother’s and is a nice way to remember her on a daily basis.

Restaurants, yep I do enjoy eating out. Firstly even though I love to cook it is nice to have a night off and be pampered. Secondly, it is fun to see what the professionals are doing and learn and experiment at home from what you find out. I love discovering chefs that take an out of the normal view on cooking and present you with something special and unique. Read more →