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The Teahouse – Camellia Gardens

16 Jan
January 16, 2011

The first time I went to Camellia Gardens would have been 15 years ago with a 3 year old Josh.  The gardens are magical for kids.  Running water, ducks, turtles, flowers and of course camellias.  You can spend hours exploring the different paths that lead to “secret” gardens.  Well not really, but the way it is planned out it is awesome, you don’t know what is around every turn.

I hadn’t actually eaten at the Teahouse when Josh was younger and then as he got older we stopped going.  I thought it would be the perfect location to take Ms Shelly and the Princess (age 4) to celebrate their combined belated birthdays.

The Teahouse now does high tea and as Ms Shelly hadn’t been to a high tea before I thought it would be perfect with some duck feeding for the Princess to follow.

On the website they recommend that you make a booking.  Please note, for high tea you HAVE to make a booking and stipulate to them that it is for high tea.  This isn’t clear and I made the mistake.  I rang up and booked for the four of us and when we turned up I realised something was wrong when our table wasn’t set with china and linen like others having high tea.  They hadn’t accommodated the booking as high tea.

Only if you look at the menu on the website does it state you need to pay a deposit and book in advance stating high tea.  In my own defence too, they didn’t double check either when I made the booking.

I was crushed as quite honestly the website is not clear.  We were prepared to order from the kiosk menu for lunch, but they came back and advised that they could accommodate us.  Lunch sadly started off on the wrong foot and was slightly made to feel that they were doing us the favour.  Example was the way they threw the table together.  High tea is about grace and style, our china, cutlery and napkins were placed down without much elegance at all.

We ordered high tea for Ms Shelly, Josh and I with the idea that the Princess would nibble on the things she liked from what we had.

There is a medium assortment of teas available, with iced tea, hot chocolate, coffee or soft drink as an alternative.  I decided on the girly grey and Ms Shelly had the lemongrass & ginger tea.  Josh went for a hot chocolate.

You are presented in the typical fashion of a three tier serving platter.

The bottom tier consisted of sandwiches cut in quarters with their crusts off.  These consisted of chicken avocado mayonnaise & lettuce, salmon red onion lettuce & mayonnaise and the third sandwich option was ham chutney & lettuce.  The chicken and salmon sandwiches were very enjoyable, sadly the ham ones were very soggy.

The middle tier was the savoury pastry tier.  There were vegetable quiches, caramelised onion & feta tarts and spring rolls.  I thought the quiches were a little on the large size and weren’t all that appetising.  Not sure what place a spring roll has at a high tea, unless it is that way themed.  I did enjoy the caramelised tarts.

The top tier was full of sweet pastries.  Frosted cup cakes, lemon tarts, coconut macaroons and chocolate “rum??” balls.  The Princess really enjoyed the cup cakes and so did Josh, Ms Shelly and I left them to it.  Lemon tarts were nice.  Josh ate my chocolate ball and macaroon, both okay according to him.

I just noticed when I was going through their on line menu when writing this post that we should of received their “famous teahouse scones” which we didn’t.

The high tea is $30 per head and you have the option to byo your own champagne.

The Teahouse is in a lovely setting which is great for kids to explore afterwards (or before).  Lots of duck feeding to be had and turtle spotting.  The Camellia Gardens is a bit of an oasis in Caringbah.  In regard to the high tea, not bad value for $30, even better if you get scones.

Sara xxx

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Menya Mappen

14 Jan
January 14, 2011

I had read quite a bit about this place and it was on my hit list.  We (actually I should say “I”, the boys don’t have a say on where we eat, who are you kidding ;p ) decided to head here for a late lunch before heading to the movies on a Thursday.

It is pretty cool how all the instructions are laid out for you, no confusion on what you are meant to do. Read more →

Azuma Kushiyaki

13 Jan
January 13, 2011

I first noticed Azuma Kusiyaki when I was walking through from parking on Kent Street to meet up with Ms Lily for the movies.  We didn’t go there to eat the night I stumbled upon it, took us a while, but we decided to head there this particular evening after a movie.  No booking,  but we didn’t have to wait very long for a table. Read more →

Crazy Wings

11 Jan
January 11, 2011

Before Josh headed off to Schoolies in Fiji we decided to go in to Paddy’s Markets to pick up some Aussie souvenirs.  He was volunteering to build housing with a bunch of his school mates before hitting the “real” schoolies part of his trip.  If Josh gets his act together you may see a blog post letting you guys know all about it.  Sigh, I am such a mother.

I had read about Crazy Wings various places and decided that it would be a great place for Josh and I to have lunch before shopping.  What drew me to Crazy Wingst was the BT Monster, as Josh is now writing his Josh vs Food section for Belly Rumbles, I thought it would be something he would enjoy.  More about the BT monster later. Read more →

Harry’s Cafe de Wheels – Tempe

10 Jan
January 10, 2011

It was with a lot of excitement that I noticed that Harry’s had arrived at Tempe.  They have taken over the old Deno’s Diner site.  The whole time Deno’s was there, which to be honest seems a lifetime, I never ventured in.  It was the most uninviting place, looked like a death trap for food poisoning, and I just kept driving.  May have missed something good, but there were never any cars out the front, so people weren’t flocking to it.  How they stayed in business for so long I am not sure.

It was late on a Saturday night and Mac, Josh and I were driving home from a gig in Pyrmont and we had the munchies.  Perfect opportunity to try out Harry’s on our side of Sydney.

I am not a regular visitor to Harry’s but when I do I have no complaints, it is a nice alternative to late night/early morning dining. Read more →

Signorelli Gastronomia – A Birthday Celebration

09 Jan
January 9, 2011

The first time I had heard of this establishment was when I was reading a post on Helen’s blog, Grab Your Fork.  The first thing I saw was a picture of a crispy roasted suckling pig then I read something along the lines of how Helen threw herself at the nearby table to take a photo of this holy grail of piggiedom.  I am sure there was something about knocking people out of the way, flying over to the diners nearby and forcing her presence on them to take pictures of this deliciousness.  Okay well maybe it didn’t happen quite like that, but have a read of her post for confirmation.

Not too long after Helen’s post I received an invite to join her at her birthday at Signorelli Gastronomia to indulge ourselves in a piggie feast.  Why hell yes, notmissingoutoncatchingupwith agroupof awesomepeople, break bread and share what looked to be an incredible piggie delight.

Signorelli Gastronomia is not an easy place to find.  It is located on the ground floor of the Accenture Building in Pyrmont.  There is no signage outside and I was feeling very lost until I spotted somebody I knew looking just as confused as I was. Read more →

Swiss Quattro – Poor Excuse for Pizza Bianco

07 Jan
January 7, 2011

Just when I think food is getting better in the Sutherland Shire I get slapped in the face with ignorance.

White pizza or better known as pizza bianca is a strange pizza request according to Swiss Quattro.   Quite sad considering they were a NSW winner in the I Love Food Awards.

This is our third attempt to get a white pizza with boconcini, sundried tomatoes, prosciutto and basil.

The first attempt was actually not too bad, I thought I had found the fantastic alternative to pizza that has way too much cheese and topping on it.   Sadly the second one was very pathetic and resembled garlic pizza bread with a scant amount of topping.  It is the third pizza that I actually felt we should ring up and complain about.  I don’t complain that often, but this was s#@t in a box.  Please excuse my profanity.

The base had turned orange through the amount of sundried tomato on it, okay I have to take into account that maybe they were being generous, but it rendered it inedible.  A scant amount of boconcini, some prosciutto and no basil.  What was delivered to us was poor excuse for food, I felt this so deeply a phone call was made to Swiss Quattro.  Basically I was told that my pizza request is a strange one and we are the only ones to make such a request.  What really irked me that no apology was made, let’s face it, you can see what it looks like, for delivering inedible food.  No want to listen to me as to what a pizza bianca is,  they make pizza they should know what it is.  No offer of compensation for a pizza I advised would not be eaten and thrown in the bin.

If I had been served that in their restaurant it would have sent it back and I would not have paid for it.  Sadly being home delivery, I did not have that luxury as the box wasn’t opened until the pizza came inside after paying for it.

I think what was delivered is the perfect example of not having pride in your food.  Would you send that out to a paying customer??  I don’t think you would, it is embarrassing.

In regard to their other pizzas, nothing to rave about to  be honest, but their service is quick and the pizzas are delivered hot.  We won’t be ordering from them again, obviously, no skin off their nose I am sure as we are not that regular as I make better pizza myself.

Sara xxx

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06 Jan
January 6, 2011

I love Mamak.  It must be one of my favourite restaurants in Sydney.

Don’t let the line up outside the door make you turn around and go elsewhere.  Trust me the line moves pretty quickly and the window entertainment keeps you amused.  Service is also pretty speedy once you are inside.


“Window entertainment?” you ask, yes you can see the roti being made right in front of you as you wait to get a table.  It amazes me how thin they get the dough before folding it up to cook on the hot plates, truly is pure talent. Read more →

El Toro Loco {Closed}

06 Jan
January 6, 2011

There are quite a few chefs that do make me swoon, it is due to their food, I love it when a chef can make me go weak in the knees.  Miguel Maestre, is so full of life and let’s be honest, he’s just so damn sexy!!  The accent, those looks, that accent, did I mention that accent?

I have been wanting to get to El Toro Loco for quite a while now, but being situated in Manly it is just a little out of my way.  With the warmer weather here I thought it would be a nice relaxing chill to head over to Manly one evening via ferry and check El Toro Loco out, and that is what I and Ms Lily did.

When we arrived I was pleasantly surprised to see that Miguel was actually at the pass.  He probably is most nights, but with television and celebrity chef going ons if he wasn’t there I would not have been surprised. Read more →

Zilver – Josh’s 18th Birthday

04 Jan
January 4, 2011

We had Josh’s 18th at Zilver.  Like most times I am organising an event, even if just a dinner for two, I procrastinate over my choices.  Ultimately this time the choice was up to Josh and in the end Zilver won out.

Staff were fantastic leading up to the party, and the changes I wanted from one of their standard banquet menus was easily accommodated.

We had our own private room, which was great as it allowed mingling, carrying on and not having to sit at a table and be antisocial, it was nice to have our own space.  The other bonus was we had a karaoke machine, yes most of the songs were not in English, but there were a few and was great fun.  At the end of the night the Josh and his mates were singing away after sucking on the helium balloons that were around the room, hysterical.

The food was excellent and the service attentive.  The staff really were wonderful and even though we had our own room there seemed to be someone with us the whole time to help with anything that we needed. Read more →