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Momofuku Milk Bar’s Crack Pie Recipe

24 Sep
September 24, 2012

When I visited New York, I managed to fit in a visit to Momofuku’s Ssam Bar, but a visit to the Milk Bar was not on the cards.  Unfortunately there is only so much you can do in a limited time.  Having read so much about their crack pie, I decided to do the next best thing.  Recreate it myself.  As the recipe makes two pies, making them for a tribal get together to celebrate my father-in-law’s birthday seemed a good idea.  We also had suckling pig on a spit, but more about that another time.

At first you may find this recipe a little daunting, as you have to make the biscuits for the pie base.  My suggestion, make them a day or two before and store in an air tight container.  Then you will find the final steps of making the pie very easy and quite quick. Read more →


O Bar & Dining

21 Sep
September 21, 2012

After 44 years the Summit is no longer.  An evolution has taken place on level 47 of Australia Square with the launch last week of Michael Moore’s O Bar & Dining.

Sydney’s finest including Kerri-Anne Kennerley, Lizzie Lovett, Layne Beachley and Kirk Pengilly and James Kerley and Laura Dundovic  gathered atop the famous Australia Square building to celebrate the opening of O Bar and Dining.

Guests enjoyed a delicious range of canapés and sampled items from the new restaurant menu including quinoa crusted crab and chickpea cakes with lemon yoghurt, buttermilk organic chicken with buckwheat crust and apricot mustard and kingfish pastrami with coriander, citrus and cumin as they moved throughout the vast, circular space, famous for its revolving floor that provides 360-degree views. The new venue now features two bar areas, one a part of the building’s stationary centre floor, the other a large lounge bar that makes up part of the revolving outer section. Read more →

Zigi’s Wine & Cheese Bar + Cooking Classes

13 Sep
September 13, 2012

It’s early on a Friday evening and I am finishing my working week at a quaint and cosy wine bar in Chippendale.  The entrance is in a small lane off Abercrombie Street. Not exactly a venue you would stumble across without knowing it is there but the Owner Zigi Ozeri has boosted his chances by covering the surrounding lanes with chalk messages to draw you in.

Wine and cheese are always calling me, but it is thoughts of two very special cheeses that have brought me here tonight.  I want to taste the cheeses I helped make the previous Sunday.  I will divulge more about Zigi’s cheese class a little later.

It really is a cosy venue. About 15 can fit into the main bar room.  There are also rooms upstairs which are available for group hire.  And there is a possible expansion in the works, with a large section being opened so that more substantial meals can also be served.  At the moment, cheese, nibbles and wine are on the menu. Read more →

Sydney & Regional NSW Chefs’ Hats 2013

11 Sep
September 11, 2012

The Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide Awards were announced last week.  Who retained, who gained and who lost their hats?

In the three hat category, Bilson’s obviously didn’t make a showing as they are out of business.  Est, Marque, Quay and Sepia all retained their hats, and were joined by Monofuku Seiobo and Rockpool on George, who gained a hat from their previous two.  Sadly none of the regional restaurants received three hats, but they didn’t last year either.

Missing from the two hat category this year was Becasse, Berowra Waters Inn, again sadly due to closure.  Bristro Ortolan and Lucio’s lost a hat and moved down to one.   New to the two hat category, The Bridge Room and Buon Ricordo.  In Regional NSW three establishments received two hats this year, with Aubergine and No 2 Oak Street retaining their hats.  Biota Dining moved up the ranks from one hat to two this year, but sadly Lochiel House lost both its hats.

New recipiants of one hat this year, The Apollo, Arras, Balla, Bar H, Black by Ezard, China Doll, Chiswick, Clareville Kiosk, TheDevonshire, 4Fourteen, Ms.G’s, Sixpenny, Three Blue Ducks, Ume and Xanthi.  I was sad to see District Dininglose their hat.  There were a few new Regional recipients this year, Courgette, Flooded Gums, Restaurant Mason, Subo and Zanzibar all gained one hat, with Terrace losing their hat from last year. Read more →

Mr Wong, Sydney

10 Sep
September 10, 2012

Mr Wong is the latest gem in Justin Hemmes’ Merivale crown.  The old Tank nightclub has undertaken an amazing transformation into a Cantonese restaurant with a 1930′s shanghai teahouse look and feel.  On entering you are instantly transported from the downtown business district of Sydney, to another place in another time.

With three chefs wielding their knives, Mr Wong’s kitchens are packing a lot of talent.  Executive Chef Dan Hong (Ms. G’s & El Loco), Head Chef Jowett Yu (Ms. G’s) and Dim Sum Chef, Eric Koh, from London’s Michelin Star Hakkasan.  There isn’t one kitchen, instead placed around the two floors of Mr Wong you will find a dim sum kitchen, main kitchen and roast meats counter upstairs, and downstairs the bar, giving the area a Chinese speakeasy vibe. Read more →