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Five Rules I Live My Life By + $200 PeepToe Voucher Giveaway {Closed}

29 Nov
November 29, 2012

I was recently approached to get on board the Appletiser ‘Get your sparkle on’ campaign by way of Instagram.  If you follow me on Instagram, and I really hope you do, you would have seen some photos posted sharing rules I live my life by and mention of a great giveaway.

Perfectly in time for Christmas, Appletiser are generously giving one lucky Belly Rumbles reader a $200 PeepToe voucher.  All you have to do is leave a comment and let us know, what rules you live your life by.  Don’t you love simple and easy competitions!

I posted five photos on Instagram that represent my rules using the hashtag #appletisersparkle, I encourage you to tag and share your photos too!

It was harder than I thought to narrow down just five rules.  There are so many rules in life and a lot of them are quite boring.  There are the obvious ones regarding family and friends.  I am an animal lover to the core and I adore nature.  So many rules, but only five to share, so here they are; Read more →


Pearl’s Diner, Felixstow, Adelaide

22 Nov
November 22, 2012

‘Let’s grab a cab’, a unison cry from our group of five, simple words and a simple action.  Not as easy as we initially thought, Adelaide doesn’t seem to be the cab numbers there are in Sydney.  With hands flapping, the odd taxi we saw, were either not going to stop, heading the wrong direction or had passengers already.

To make matters worse, there were five of us, two cabs were needed.  Eventually the whole of party was in one cab or the other speeding in the direction of Pearl’s Diner.

Pearl’s Diner is a small fixed restaurant of Burger Theory (food truck) and Le Waffle (wholesale waffle business), and is attached to their commercial kitchen.  How did they come up with the name Pearl’s Diner?  Pearl is the pet name of the Burger Theory truck.

Pearl’s is located in Felixstow, which seems to be in the heart of Adelaide suburbia.  We were wondering if we had the right address as we are heading down a house lined street that could of been right at home in Sydney’s Baulkham Hills or even Padstow.  Just when we thought we were completely off course a group shops set on a corner appear.  Our anxiety was put to rest when we saw her, yes, there she was, Pearl’s Diner. We made it, the other taxi did, as well as the sixth member of our dining party. Read more →

Christmas Gift Recipe: Healthy Dog Biscuits

20 Nov
November 20, 2012

Home-made Christmas presents are always high on my Christmas cooking list.  Something I enjoy doing for family and friends.  There is one special member of our family that tends to come in front of all others in my desire to make something special for.  Sally of course.

Sally has her own stocking on the fireplace and looks forward to Christmas day as much as anyone else in our family.  She knows which stocking is hers, she has had that same stocking for nine years now.  She knows it will be filled with goodies just for her.  She also knows there will be a present or two under the tree all her very own.  This is all followed by a special Christmas breakfast and then on to a day of celebrations with the rest of our family.  She loves Christmas. Read more →

The Morrison Bar and Oyster Room

19 Nov
November 19, 2012

It was a failed attempt to dine at Mr Wong that led us to The Morrison.  We had arrived at Mr Wong at 6.45pm on a Saturday and our party of 4 were advised that we would be lucky to get a table by 9pm.  They do not take dinner bookings for groups less than six.  Sayonara Mr Wong, and it was off to find an alternative dinner venue.

The Morrison is fairly new to Sydney’s dining scene.  It has been around three months since Fraser Short and Sean Connolly set up shop at the refurbished Brooklyn Hotel site.

We were lucky they were able to accommodate us, but we were told we had to vacate the table by 8.15pm.  Not a problem as long as they can feed us in one hour 20 minutes.

Menus come on clipboards and aren’t extensive, but their famed  oysters aren’t listed.  For oyster options you are advised to ‘see the board for oysters’  Not quite sure where ‘the board’ is, but didn’t ask as we weren’t interested in oysters.  I do love my oysters but we had overdosed the night before at the Sydney Cove Oyster Bar.

Due to our time constraint we ordered quickly.  The decision was made to order a few items from the ‘Shell and Bone’ section to share. Read more →

Road Test: Adriano Zumbo Macaron Mix #2

15 Nov
November 15, 2012

You may remember my first road test of Adriano Zumbo’s new macaron mix, which is now available in supermarkets around Australia.  It was a great success.  I ended up with awesome looking macarons.  Sadly not the case for my second road test.

Even though the salted caramel macarons looked great once made, I wasn’t happy with the flavour.  They tasted a touch too artificial for my liking.  Decision was made to give the other flavour in his range, passionfruit, a try.

shells just out of the oven, hit and miss, they tried hard to have feet

I followed all the steps as with my first road test.  Unfortunately this time my macarons didn’t work out.  They were a bit of a disaster.  No feet and the shells were thin and flat. Read more →

Spanish Olive Grove Pops up in Sydney

13 Nov
November 13, 2012

….. but only for one day.  If you work in town, head down to 255 George Street tomorrow (Wednesday 14/11/12), to experience a pop up olive grove.

I attended the launch tonight to get a taste of what Sydneysiders will experience tomorrow.  The NAB/Suncorp forecourt has been transformed, live olive trees, a farm house, communal rustic benches, flamenco dancing, guitar music and even a large Toro bull silhouette.

Did you know that Spain is the biggest producer and exporter of olive oil?  It makes sense when you consider there are around 60 varieties of olives grown in Spain and that olive oil is the heart of Spanish culture.

Justine Schofield will be cooking up a storm with her specially created recipes featuring Spanish Olive oil.  Free tasty samples of her dishes will be available to those that pop by.  Dishes include rice pudding with poached peaches, charred vegetable salad with grilled prawns and confit of salmon with chorizo crumbs. Read more →

How to Perfectly Fry an Egg

11 Nov
November 11, 2012

I have been wanting to share this New York Times article with Belly Rumbles readers for a little while now.  Want to know how to achieve a perfectly fried egg?  José Andrés, recently named ‘Outstanding Chef’ by the James Beard Foundation, happily shared how it is done.  A fried egg which is crispy fried on the outside and glorious liquid gold on the inside.

I have tried the method and it works.  Your first couple of eggs may fail, don’t let that dissuade you.  Once you have mastered the method you won’t look back.

There aren’t any special ingredients or equipment needed.  All you will need is a fry pan, oil, a gas stove top and of course an egg.  To see step by step photos and read the New York Times article jump over to here.

I also discovered a YouTube clip that quickly shows Jose demonstrating his method at the start of another egg recipe.  The recipe is for Fried Eggs and Chorizo and shows another of his methods to achieve a crispy fried white and runny yolk.  In this instance José separates the white from the yolk.

My only tip for cooking a fried egg this way is to make sure you have some paper towel handy to absorb any excess oil before serving.  Other than that happy frying and eating!

Do tell dear Belly Rumbles’ reader, how do you make the perfect fried egg?

Sara xxx


Eat, Drink, Blog 2012

06 Nov
November 6, 2012

You may have seen Instagram photos and tweets from me over the last weekend tagged #edb2012.  I tried not to kill your twitter streams with being over enthusiastic, if I did, I really am sorry.  For my followers that aren’t food bloggers, and there are a few of you, Eat Drink Blog 2012 is the annual Australian Food Bloggers Conference.

I was one of the lucky 80 food bloggers that descended on Adelaide like locust ready to devour wonderful produce, drink amazing wines, connect with fellow bloggers, share ideas and learn.

What a full packed weekend!  Discovering some Adelaide eating gems with a few fellow food bloggers.  Exploring Adelaide’s Central Market.  There was a trip to the Barossa.  An incredible delegates dinner at the Adelaide Hilton.  Finished off with a full day of sharing and learning with other like minded people. Read more →

Graze, Pyrmont

05 Nov
November 5, 2012

I have never witnessed somebody having an orgasm, sitting at a restaurant dining table before.  Okay, sure, in the movies.  Meg Ryan famously did sitting at a table in Katz Deli in the movie ‘When Harry Met Sally’.  It left fellow diners all wanting what she was having.

Did my fellow diners want what my dining companion Ms Lily was having?  There I was seated in Graze, listening to loud moans of ecstasy as Ms Lily had a fish moment.  When I tried to get two words in between moans,  I was told to shut up, and savour the fish.  A word started to form itself on my lips and I was quickly faced with a hand and a fork.  I shut up until the orgasm had ceased in case I lost an eye.  I’ll get back to the fish a bit later.

Graze is my type of restaurant.  I am a grazer.  That is why I love tapas, yum cha and degustation menus so much.  Trying lots of different dishes in one meal makes me happy.  My taste buds get all excited and have a party.

The menu at Graze is designed to share.  It is suggested you order two to three savoury dishes a person to share.  The dish size is really designed for two people to share.  If your dining party is larger then I suggest you order multiples of each dish to suit your numbers. Read more →

Happy 3rd Birthday Belly Rumbles

02 Nov
November 2, 2012

A big happy birthday to my other baby Belly Rumbles, she’s three!  If you don’t know who my first baby is, then this may be your first visit.

Yes, if my blog had a sex, then female she would be, as she definitely acts like a princess at times.  Though most readers that come to visit are blessed with her good behaviour.

She is no longer a baby and has past crawling stage.  We survived toddler phase and the terrible twos.  At three she is walking very happily along and has found her feet.  She is growing day by day like everyone, and she is still developing and trying new things.

I find it rather befitting that I am sitting at Sydney Airport as I write this.   I am heading down to Adelaide for Eat Drink Blog 2012.  The only food blogger conference held in Australia.  It is an annual event, and like Belly Rumbles, turns three this weekend.

Without Belly Rumbles, I wouldn’t be bunking up with an amazing bunch of friends this weekend, whom without her I may never have met.  I will be putting faces to blogs I have been reading over the past as many years.  As well as catching up with other bloggers known and not from all over Australia.

I would like to give all my readers a big hug and thank you for the support you have given Belly Rumbles over the years.  Thank you so much, without you she wouldn’t be the inquisitive and energetic little three year old she is today.

Sara xxx