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A recent visit to Sally’s oncologist saw Josh and I having an impromptu lunch at the Armory Wharf Café while Sal had a minor procedure. We actually had no idea what we were going to do to kill a couple of hours, but there was no point in driving back to The Shire from Homebush.

A quick look at Mr Google Maps and my first thought was to head to Strathfield. Totally uninspired by that idea we decided to just go for a drive to see where we ended up.

Armory Wharf Café is where we ended. This wasn’t my first visit, I had lunch here a couple of years a go with my Cuz. It was a really enjoyable lunch and I had intentions to share it with you, but other eats were shared instead.

Armory Wharf CafeLocated at the end of Jamieson Street on the Parramatta River, it is a fantastic location. Surrounded by vast parkland with lots of kid friendly play equipment and things to discover. Parking was a cinch this visit, but on my last visit it took quite a few trips around the car park waiting for somebody to leave. Personally I would avoid this place during school holidays.

You can book, but we secured a table as a walk in without issue. There is both indoor our out door seating. If it is blowing a breeze it does get quite cold next to the river and I would suggest a warmer table inside. Being a gorgeous sunny day we opted to sit outside, we were cold, but stuck it out. Quite a few people did ask to be moved inside.

There is an all day breakfast and lunch menu. Both Josh and I decide on breakfast menu items.

Armory Wharf CafeThe sweet potato and coriander cakes ($15) caught Josh’s eye. There are three choices of sides and the poached eggs are the choice of the day. There are two ‘soft poached’ eggs, which unfortunately aren’t runny, but hard boiled. Accompanying them is sautéed spinach and horseradish cream. Also added is a side of grilled chorizo ($3) and grilled haloumi ($4). The cakes have a pleasant spice to them, cumin being the most dominant. It’s a hearty and filling meal.

Armory Wharf CafeIf there are mushrooms on the menu I generally pick them. My eyes lit up when I saw there were confit field mushrooms ($16) on the menu. Confit? Yes, I have never had mushrooms prepared this way before. It worked, they retained their impressive shape and size and were packed full of mushroom flavour. There was a garlic and balsamic glazed drizzled over them as they sat proudly on top of a thick slice of toasted sourdough. Crème fraiche is served on the side, but I actually preferred Josh’s horseradish cream, much to his dismay. I also added a side of haloumi ($4) to my meal.

Armory Wharf CafeThe coffee served is Allpress coffee. Not sure if it was my nerves on killing time to head back to Sally, but I managed to down three short blacks ($3) during lunch. Josh wasn’t that impressed with his cappuccino ($3.50), though he did manage to drink two, his preference was with mango and peach smoothie ($6.50) he also ordered.

During lunch we witness the most amazing fish and chips heading out to diners. Crispy battered flathead with chips ($20). The flathead pieces were massive and longer than the plates they were on. Both Josh and I were drooling at how impressive they looked.

Another dish that grabbed my attention, Mediterranean ricotta hotcakes with pistachio, rosewater, berry compote and sweetened ricotta ($13). With a little more time to kill we decided we would share a dessert. I left it up to Josh to decide, and my fingers were crossed he would choose the hotcakes. Instead he decided on the dessert tasting plate ($11).

Armory Wharf CafeThe dessert plate comprised of mini servings of chocolate mousse, raspberry brulee and bread & butter pudding. The brulee didn’t have a taste of any flavour, and I definitely couldn’t pick raspberry and the bread & butter pudding was quite solid. The winning dish of the trio was the chocolate mousse topped with mixed berry compote that had a rich zing.

It was a waddle back to the car for the short drive back to the oncologist to pick up a very happy to see us Sally.

Sara xxx

Armory Wharf Café
Blaxland Riverside Park, Jamieson St, Newington, Sydney
Tel +61 2 9714 7513

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Belly Rumbles dinned anonymously and paid for their own meal, but this post is sponsored by the Australian Mushroom Growers.

Armory Wharf Cafe


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