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Blackfish Café & Grill, Como

01 Apr
April 1, 2014

I really can’t express what a little hidden paradise, of The Sutherland Shire, Como is.  I recently shared with you all the The Como Grill located in the Como Hotel.  This would be the most obvious place to eat, as it is the most prominent building in Como.  Actually to those not familiar with the are, you […]


The Darwin Ski Club, Darwin

26 Mar
March 26, 2014

There is one absolute must do when visiting Darwin, or any part of the West coast of Australia.  You must watch the sun set over the Timor Sea. Unless you live on the East coast of Australia, the novelty of this would be probably a little lost on you.  There’s just something magical about watching […]

Dylan Carter, A Culinary Tribute

20 Mar
March 20, 2014

If the name Dylan Carter rings a bell it may be due to reading about this aspiring young chef on Belly Rumbles last year.  If not you may be a Masterchef Junior fan.  I was invited to Dylan’s first ever pop up and was quite blown away by the then 14 year old school student […]

The Como Grill, Como

18 Mar
March 18, 2014

I remember when the historic Como Hotel burnt to the ground.  The disbelief and feeling of loss by the whole community was quite amazing.  There was a great love for this beautiful old hotel.  It was part of the area’s history and landscape. The original hotel was over 100 years old when that fateful fire […]

Bodhi, Sydney

13 Mar
March 13, 2014

This wasn’t my first trip to Bodhi, but the last visit was over a decade ago. I remember it well.  Mac and I had dropped Josh off at Cook & Park Pool for a Saturday birthday party, and decided to have lunch while waiting for the party to finish.  We stumbled across Bodhi, which were […]

Darwin Pub Crawl

11 Mar
March 11, 2014

Darwin has more than one pub, actually it seems to have pub breeding program, and there are a lot of them.  All very laid back and casual.  Places to escape the stifling heat of this tropical town,  places to grab a cold one and relax. We were on holidays, and when in Rome, we decided […]

Café 2232, Sutherland

09 Mar
March 9, 2014

Thrilled to discover another decent coffee joint in The Shire.  Though I am kicking myself.  I have walked past Café 2232 countless times over the past three years to visit Sally’s vet a few doors up. You could say that Sutherland Veterinary Clinic is a second home for us of late.  It was after dropping […]

Double Roasters, Marrickville

05 Mar
March 5, 2014

Confession, I have become a coffee snob.  I don’t blame myself at all, mind you.  I blame all these wonderful little cafes that roast their own beans, and boutique roasters popping up all over Sydney.  My snobbery is their fault completely. I am slowly making my way around town and trying some very good cups […]

Nomad, Surry Hills

03 Mar
March 3, 2014

After a morning of discovery in Haberfield with Maeve O’Meara you wouldn’t think we would be hungry.  Trust me, its hard work exploring your own town.  Sydney has so many delicious places to eat, that a quick lunch before continuing our adventure was needed. Nomad opened late last year and is a pretty cool addition […]

Three Williams, Redfern

11 Feb
February 11, 2014

There has been just as much hoopla over Three Williams as there has been over Brewtown.  Three Williams wasn’t actually our original destination for lunch the day we visited.  But it seems fate had decided it was going to be our destination after all.  Firstly a parking spot presented itself directly across the road.  Then, […]