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10 Nov
November 10, 2013

Last Wednesday evening a dinner party was arranged like no other.  A group of food bloggers and foodie friends gathered together to predict who we felt should win season one of Recipe to Riches Australia.

Over the past 11 weeks I had purchased an extra few packets of each weeks’ winning product.  The idea was to put all the products through their paces one more time.  One last complete road test to decide who’s product should be the Recipe to Riches Season 1 winner.  Who would win $100,000 and find their product on Woolworths shelves for good?

As you can see from the above photo it was a fun night.  There was even opera sung as pizzas were being whipped up in the kitchen.

Golden Greek Pizzagolden greek pizza bases, ready for the oven

Recipe to Riches Aus Recipe to Riches Aus(from front) rude boy ribs sauce ribs, golden greek pizza, manju’s samosa, horton’s jangles

Recipe to Riches Aus Concettas Croqs(from front) concetta’s croqs, rude boy rib sauce used on wings

It is suggested that the Rude Boy Rib sauce can be used on wings instead of ribs.  I tried this and it just doesn’t taste as good.  This sauce works best with pork ribs.

Recipe to Riches Aussweets – chocorn, rosie’s kitchen almond & meringue biscuits & billie’s chocolate sandwich cookies

Recipe to Riches Judgingwe put the products through their paces

Who did we come up with as the ultimate winner?  Firstly I will share the dishes we all deemed miserable failures; Butcher’s Secret Hearty Stew, Rosie’s Kitchen Almond & Meringue Biscuits and Sara Jade’s Chilli Con Carne.   Butcher’s Secret was the product we agreed had been messed up majorly from the original home recipe to what appeared on the supermarket shelf.  The oxtail was tough as old boot soles, the sauce smelt of wine, but was overly sweet, left an after taste and was terrible value for money.

It was clear which product we would all be happy to see continue to appear at Woolworths.  For me, quite funny as originally I was completely against it.  The product we feel would win this year’s Recipe to Riches Australia is…………… Golden Greek Pizza Base Kit.

Everyone at the judgement dinner would be happy to have Chris’ pizza base kits in their home freezers.  Great to have on hand, easy to prepare and cook.  Also fun for your kids, would entice them to get involved in making dinner.  Chocorn and Concetta’s Croqs were the other two dishes we felt  deserved a special mention as being products we would happily have again.  Okay, maybe I wouldn’t have the chocorn again, but many of my dining companions loved it.

Raw cheesecakebest dish of the evening, souvlaki for the soul’s raw cheese cake

The gorgeous Peter from Souvlaki for the Soul brought over a raw vegan cheesecake for dessert.  It was unanimous that this was the dish of the day.  Actually the first raw dessert I have eaten.  The recipe can be found here, and I do suggest you check it out and give it a go, delicious.  Plus not one speck of cheese is used.

Did we guess the winner correctly?  It will be interesting to find out if we did or didn’t.

Do tell dear Belly Rumbles’ reader, who do you feel should be the winner of Recipe to Riches Australia Season 1?

Sara xxx

Belly Rumbles is in no way connected to Recipe to Riches, Woolworths or any of the contestants.



15 replies
  1. Tina @ bitemeshowme says:

    Great idea to collaborate all the winners to see who would win the ultimate prize.
    Tina @ bitemeshowme recently posted..Grano, Wetherill Park

  2. john | heneedsfood says:

    Looks like you all had a fun night. I’m hoping your stomachs were feeling ok after all that processed food. At least you had something fresh from Peter to end the feasting!
    john | heneedsfood recently posted..Kabab Cafe

  3. Lauren says:

    I was so hoping the pizza would be your pick as I completely agree! At first I thought this product was not innovative or anything new but having tried it and stocked up my freezer myself I have to admit that we love it and think it’s brilliant. Definitely the product I want to keep buying. I picked it up for half price the other week which made for a cheap pizza base. Loved your reviews and will miss them!

  4. Helen (Grab Your Fork) says:

    Whoah check out that awesome pizza toss, and haha are you sure Peter G didn’t rig the voting? lolol
    Helen (Grab Your Fork) recently posted..Things to do on Kangaroo Island

  5. Lisa the Gourmet Wog says:

    What a fun night! I agree in that I think the pizza base will win!
    Lisa the Gourmet Wog recently posted..Garden Share Collective – November 2013

  6. Annie @ The Random Foodie says:

    looks like really fun night. looking forward to seeing who wins…i’m hoping it’s concetta’s croqs!
    Annie @ The Random Foodie recently posted..Saigon Bay Restaurant, Darlinghurst, Online Ordering Courtesy of Menulog

  7. Peter G | Souvlaki For The Soul says:

    Thank you for a fun and entertaining night Sara…loved the whole thing!
    Peter G | Souvlaki For The Soul recently posted..Kale and Fetta Bread

  8. Anna @ The Littlest Anchovy says:

    Ah that looked so fun! Not sure if I would buy any of the products but I am heading over to check out Peters raw cheesecake!

  9. Gaby says:

    Sounds like you guys had fun, even when some awful food had to be consumed. I haven’t tried Peter’s recipe yet, but I’ve eaten a few raw “cheesecakes” and they’re absolutely delicious. Lucky you got to try his!
    Gaby recently posted..Product review: Mae Ploy curry pastes

  10. Kylie says:

    Sadly I don’t think the pizzas will win. The week after they were meant to have finished selling, there were HEAPS still available at half price. My mum and I stocked up! So many people I’ve spoken to couldn’t figure out why you’d have frozen pizza dough when you could just buy ready made bases. I’d imagine a lot of those people just didn’t go out and buy anything. I think the final is judged on sales rather than how good the product is. :(

  11. Louie says:

    Wow can’t believe the Chocorn won! Wonder if it had anything to do with the fact that had already had to spend $25K buying special equipment to make it….pessimistic I know, but it would be interesting to see all of the sales stats in terms of the number of each product brought, amount of each leftover and sales/production costs. Also I thought it was interesting that they specified it was the inaugural winner as it leaves the door open for a second series.
    Louie recently posted..Food Safari Sunday: Greek

  12. milkteaxx says:

    i think this show is an interesting concept but i dont tihnk chocorns should of won because similar products already exist.
    milkteaxx recently posted..Jackie M’s- restaurant + Night Noodle Markets 2013.

  13. Rebecca says:

    That cheesecake looks amazing, vegan too. Nothing beats a healthy, high protein desert.

  14. cquek says:

    yummy all the great stuffs. It must be a wonderful night to remember.


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