The Como Grill, Como

18 Mar
March 18, 2014

I remember when the historic Como Hotel burnt to the ground.  The disbelief and feeling of loss by the whole community was quite amazing.  There was a great love for this beautiful old hotel.  It was part of the area’s history and landscape.

The original hotel was over 100 years old when that fateful fire ripped through her.  It started its life as a German Club, I believe for German railway workers.  It then became the ‘local’ in 1887.

The local in those days wasn’t very local.  There was nothing around it.  Day trippers would row across the Georges River to the Como Pleasure Grounds for a day of picnicking.  When the railway line eventually went in it opened up the area.  Land was subdivided into residential blocks and Como became a viable suburb not just a weekend destination.

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Rapid Creek Sunday Market, Darwin

17 Mar
March 17, 2014

The influence of South East Asia is strong in Darwin.  Makes sense when you think about the location.  Nowhere else in Darwin is the influence stronger than Rapid Creek Markets.

It’s not a pretty market, a little on the dark and dingy side.  Don’t go wanting to leisurely stroll around.  If you are holding up traffic for too long expect to be elbowed.  This market is packed to the gills with stallholders and shoppers alike.

Rapid Creek Sunday Markets are the oldest markets in Darwin.  Located in Millner, 20 minutes from Darwin CBD.  Stalls line the corridors of the village centre and people navigate them like salmon swimming up stream.  It’s cramped, it’s packed and it’s wonderful!

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Chocolate Chip Balls

16 Mar
March 16, 2014

‘A thought popped into my head.  Why aren’t we just frying the bees in coconut oil and be done with it?  Sprinkle with some toasted popped quinoa, a dash of  maple syrup infused with chili?  That way we would be receiving a full dose of bee gut into our digestive systems.’

What on earth inspired that thought to enter my head?  It was a discussion on the benefits of eating bee pollen compared to normal run-of-the-mill pollen, that bee pollen involved the digestive juices of bees, which was actually the benefit.  Of course when I got home I had to find out what bee pollen actually was.

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Heston’s Hot Cross Buns

14 Mar
March 14, 2014

I was wondering how long it would take the Heston for Coles range to appear for Easter festivities.  After a couple of very successful years of Australians going bananas for puddings and mince tarts, we can now purchase Heston’s buns for Easter.

If you have been reading Belly Rumbles for a while, you will know how irate I get when I see hot cross buns and Easter eggs appearing on the major two supermarkets’ shelves days after Christmas.  I refuse to purchase them.  I am a stickler for hot cross buns on Good Friday and chocolate Easter eggs only the week of Easter.  It use to be only from Easter Sunday, but I have mellowed in my old age.  Otherwise I feel their significance on their respective days is completely lost.  Please note that I have no issues with those that chow down on hot cross buns and Easter eggs leading up to Easter.  If it makes you happy, go for it, life is too short.

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Bodhi, Sydney

13 Mar
March 13, 2014

This wasn’t my first trip to Bodhi, but the last visit was over a decade ago.

I remember it well.  Mac and I had dropped Josh off at Cook & Park Pool for a Saturday birthday party, and decided to have lunch while waiting for the party to finish.  We stumbled across Bodhi, which were serving yum cha at the time.  Perfect, we grabbed a table to enjoy a leisurely lunch while we waited.

What neither of us knew, is that Bodhi is a vegetarian restaurant.  I was fine with it, but as I looked across the table at Mac, I could see a look of disappointment on his face as he read the menu.  Somehow I must have encouraged him to not get up and leave and we had lunch.  Neither of us was particularly thrilled with the food, and therefore we never went back.

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Scenic World, Katoomba

12 Mar
March 12, 2014

What happens when you cross an amusement park with Mother Nature?  The answer is simple my friends, Scenic World.

I really do hate showing my age, but…..   When I was a wee lass (30+ years ago), my dad use to take me to the Scenic Railway with visiting overseas work colleagues.  It was a fantastic Saturday showing off the beautiful Blue Mountains.  My favourite part was the railway, back then that was it, no ‘world’, just the railway.

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Darwin Pub Crawl

11 Mar
March 11, 2014

Darwin has more than one pub, actually it seems to have pub breeding program, and there are a lot of them.  All very laid back and casual.  Places to escape the stifling heat of this tropical town,  places to grab a cold one and relax.

We were on holidays, and when in Rome, we decided to try out a few of the different pubs around town.  We barely scratched the surface, but here are a couple of the ones we did try.

Sara xxx

Hotel Darwin

Is a gorgeous old hotel.  It managed to survive both the Japanese bombings of World War II and Cyclone Tracy.  It has a colourful history and is known as the ‘Raffles’ of Darwin.  She is a grand old hotel.

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Pan Fried Chicken Waldorf Sandwich

10 Mar
March 10, 2014

Sometimes all I feel like for dinner is a sandwich.  It needs to be filling, comforting and leave me satisfied.  I’m not talking about a plain old ham or tuna sandwich, something with substance.

Inspired by my recent apple picking trip (yet to be shared on Belly Rumbles), and the want to make Waldorf salad, somehow I ended up with a sandwich.  Not a healthy sandwich by any means, but did tick the satisfying box.

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Café 2232, Sutherland

09 Mar
March 9, 2014

Thrilled to discover another decent coffee joint in The Shire.  Though I am kicking myself.  I have walked past Café 2232 countless times over the past three years to visit Sally’s vet a few doors up. You could say that Sutherland Veterinary Clinic is a second home for us of late.  It was after dropping Sally off again for a procedure, yet again, that Josh and I decided to call in and have breakfast. 

Café 2232 is situated on the ‘other’ side of the tracks.  Prime location directly opposite Sutherland train station and just down from the main bus terminus.  You could say that this is the ‘quite’ side of Sutherland.

Cafe 2232 Sutherlandcoffee $3.50  & orange juice $5

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Pear & Almond Cup Cakes

08 Mar
March 8, 2014

I often purchase spare of the moment ingredients I see, temptation too overpowering.  I usually have no idea on how I will use said ingredient, but I am overwhelmed with the need to have them.

This doesn’t present such a problem when they are pantry items.  I have a list of pantry items waiting for me to play around in the kitchen with them.  The problem is when it is fresh produce, like unusual fruit or vegetables, or simply in season, which grab my attention.

This is what happened with these pears.  I spent the Saturday out shopping and have a lovely lunch with Amanda.  On venturing into the local Asian grocery store, I spied these mini pears.  I apologise now that I have no idea what variety they are, just small, cute as a button little pears.  I just had to have them.

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