EAT @ Dan & Steph’s, Torquay

Have you ever wondered what happened to 2013 My Kitchen Rules winners Dan and Steph? Well you will be happy to know they are alive and well in Hervey Bay. Dan may not have his sausage shop, but they have a wonderful Café and there is a baby on the way. Post MKR life is…

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Perfect Vanilla Custard

If you are going to go to all the trouble of making your own Christmas pudding, then do go that extra mile and make your own custard. Homemade trumps store bought each and every time. This is my fail safe recipe, which I have used over and over again. It results in thick and creamy…

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Sav’s Kebab, Recipe to Riches

Last night they were on the look out for a main meal of the day recipe. These days Aussies are embracing pre made food to feed their families more than ever before. It’s a massive 900 million dollar industry. I’m not one for premade meals, preferring to make from scratch knowing exactly what goes into…

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Little Goat Diner + The Haymarket Pub & Brewery, Chicago

Not only did we spend time in the most haunted hotel in Chicago, we spent a good portion of it eating!  Unfortunately I couldn’t secure a reservation at Girl and The Goat, co-owned by Executive Chef Stephanie Izard’s, but nabbing a late lunch reservation at Little Goat Diner was a fantastic consolation prize. Little Goat…

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Brazil, Pecan & Fig Roasted Nut Mix – Edible Gifts

Christmas can be so commercialized and quite stress inducing at times. Buying gifts is probably the main part of Christmas that gives me a cold hard case of stresss. It isn’t the presents for my immediate family and closest friends, that’s easy. It’s the presents that you are obliged to give to those just outside…

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How to make Heston’s Hidden Orange Pudding

Do you want to make your own Heston style hidden orange pudding for Christmas? It really isn’t that hard and the results will outshine what you can buy at the supermarket. A homemade pudding is worth the effort and can be made several weeks before Christmas day. It’s the ideal Christmas day dessert as all…

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