Strawberry Jam Isn’t Hard to Make

I love it when Sydney gets flooded with Queensland strawberries. They are reasonable in price, and I purchase an excess amount of them. Most get washed, hulled and frozen. I do love my deep freezer. From there they are generally used in my breakfast smoothies. They go straight from the freezer into the blender with…

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4 rules to making a Classic Prawn Cocktail

I do love a retro prawn cocktail, made with a marie rose sauce. There are many recipes out there that tart this classic up. I am a big believer in variety, but often I crave the classic. There are some very simple rules to follow if you want to make the perfect classic prawn cocktail….

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Mrs Mills Easy Bake Cookies, Recipe to Riches

Oh Recipe to Riches why have you changed the format and decided not to share people trying to win one of those coveted golden tickets? Seeing some peoples’ absolutely whacky recipes was part of last years fun. Seriously who could forget Daniel’s Prawn Ice Cream in the Dessert challenge last year! Why the format change?  To…

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