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My Day in the Shoes of a Curvy Fashion Blogger, Belle Curve

17 Nov
November 17, 2013

I receive the occasional out-of-the-box event invite.  A little removed from the normal invites I get, generally related to food or travel, but it is very rare.  A few weeks ago one such invite popped into my inbox to the launch of a plus size fashion label, Belle Curve.

My first instinct was to blurt out, “Oh damn, the world knows I am fat!”  Which really isn’t something I hide.  If you Google me you will find photos of me on the interwebs, I don’t hide my face on the blog, nor do I shy away from publicity photos at events.  No secrets here.

I prefer to use the word curvy, others would use words such as fat, obese or even whale.  The older I get, the taunts seem to get less and less, but only as recently as a couple of years ago I was yelled at across a park about my size, and not in a nice way.  You don’t expect it, and it really does shake you.  Ahhhh yes, humans, such a lovely species.

As you get older your skin gets thicker.  Sure it hurts when somebody directly attacks you about your size, and yes I have cried on the odd occasion.   These days most people I met face to face have only nice things to say about me, what they say behind my back, to be quite frank, who knows or cares.

Generally my readers send emails and comments filled with lovely general discussions, or they want to debate about something I have written.  That’s okay, I like that, and am completely open to people challenging me.  When they attack me on my physical appearance, then that hurts and of course those comments never see the light of day.

But let’s get back to the invite I received.  After the initial split second ‘they know’ thoughts.  I had a chuckle to myself.  As I said, no mystery I am a curvy girl.  I actually put the following status update on my personal Facebook profile;

“It’s official I’m fat (yah, I already knew), but it seems that I am now not only on food PR and travel PR lists, I have now officially made the ‘we know she’s fat’ list and got myself invited to my first plus size fashion launch. #nevereatingagain”. Read more →


Confessions of an Addict

24 May
May 24, 2013

Hello, my name is Sara, and I am addict.

As of the time of writing it has been exactly 22 hours, 34 minutes and 12.. 13.. 14.. seconds since my last ‘hit’.

I have just cleaned up the mess from satisfying yesterday’s craving.  Hiding the evidence from plain view is inevitably getting harder and harder to do.  In fact I have the urge to head out once again to satiate my cravings.  Most of my regular ‘dealers’ take Sunday’s off.  I could go and visit a more expensive supplier, one that satisfies the cravings of ladies who lunch or the Sunday bruncheon crowd, who don’t realise they can, or want to, source their needs less expensively.  Instead I am sitting confessing my sins to you dear reader.

I am not alone, there are others that are afflicted.  With desire I look upon their tweets, Instagram evidence and Facebook confessions.  I partly blame them for fuelling my addiction. Read more →

Happy New Year

01 Jan
January 1, 2013

Happy New Year to my wonderful readers and welcome to a belly rumbling 2013!

It was a conversation with Ms Lily a month ago that led the question “what are Belly Rumble’s stats for the year?”.  My response was a blank look and “what do you mean my stats?  Page views etc?”.  “No, no, no.  How many words have you written?  How many posts?”.

My instant reaction to that conversation was, you have to be kidding me.  Ms Lily has a ‘thing’ for numbers and stats, more so than I.  All I could see coming from that conversation was a lot of number crunching and work.

Over the weeks leading up to New Year’s Eve, I kept thinking about that conversation.  The idea slowly grew on me.  As I was having a quiet New Year’s Eve at home, I decided to crunch the numbers while enjoying a glass or two of Piper-Heidsieck Champagne.  With numbers crunched, I sent a Happy NYE message including the stats through to Ms Lily.  The response…… ‘What was your most popular post?’.  My response……. ‘seriously dude!’ Read more →

Happy 3rd Birthday Belly Rumbles

02 Nov
November 2, 2012

A big happy birthday to my other baby Belly Rumbles, she’s three!  If you don’t know who my first baby is, then this may be your first visit.

Yes, if my blog had a sex, then female she would be, as she definitely acts like a princess at times.  Though most readers that come to visit are blessed with her good behaviour.

She is no longer a baby and has past crawling stage.  We survived toddler phase and the terrible twos.  At three she is walking very happily along and has found her feet.  She is growing day by day like everyone, and she is still developing and trying new things.

I find it rather befitting that I am sitting at Sydney Airport as I write this.   I am heading down to Adelaide for Eat Drink Blog 2012.  The only food blogger conference held in Australia.  It is an annual event, and like Belly Rumbles, turns three this weekend.

Without Belly Rumbles, I wouldn’t be bunking up with an amazing bunch of friends this weekend, whom without her I may never have met.  I will be putting faces to blogs I have been reading over the past as many years.  As well as catching up with other bloggers known and not from all over Australia.

I would like to give all my readers a big hug and thank you for the support you have given Belly Rumbles over the years.  Thank you so much, without you she wouldn’t be the inquisitive and energetic little three year old she is today.

Sara xxx

Tokyo or Bust + Nerada Tea Winner

26 Aug
August 26, 2012

Hi Guys,

I am going to be a little absent for the next few days.  Flying out to Tokyo in the next few hours and back next week.  I love Tokyo and I am looking forward to some awesome food while I am there.  I will also be sharing some travel tips and secrets when I get back.  Perfect for those planning a holiday to Japan.

Important announcement, the winner of the Nerada tea giveaway is VegeTARAian, congratulations!  Thank you to all that left comments.

Weekly Rumbles will be back in the next few weeks.  Life has just been chaotic and sadly something had to give.

The positive side is, you can look forward to some great Tokyo posts :)

Sara xxx


Disturbance in the Force

14 Aug
August 14, 2012

Hi guys

Belly Rumbles is having a little makeover.  I hope that you aren’t inconvenienced in anyway, but if you are, it will be very temporary.  If anything weird and whacky happens that you want to tell me about, feel free to send me a tweet @bellyrumbles or email me sara@bellyrumbles.com.  Actually if anything really weird is happening, do tell me, please!!

BTW this photo was taken in Ginza, Tokyo, Japan.  No real lollypop people when it comes to roadwork (in this instance anyway), I think we could use a few hundred of these guys in Sydney!

Sara xxx


Happy Easter

06 Apr
April 6, 2012

Easter means different things to different people.  For some it is a long weekend and a great chance to escape Sydney or get some of those jobs done around the house.  Others, it means getting together with loved ones and family, generally on Easter Sunday.  It may be your window of opportunity to head to the Royal Easter Show and pat a cow (the cows rock).  Maybe Easter is a little deeper for you, not just a holiday, but a significant religious event on your calendar.

For me it is a mixture.  I’m not escaping.  I will and have quietly reflected on the religious significance of the holiday.  I will be spending time with my loved ones, well some of them, sadly I won’t be seeing Mum and Dad, I will be catching up with them next month. Read more →

Happy New Year!

10 Jan
January 10, 2012

Well hello there and a big happy New Year hug to everyone.

I have been MIA since my Christmas Eve post having a nice break from blogging and work.  Back to work and back to Belly Rumbles.

I was having a giggle to myself as I re-read as my “to do” list for 2011 on my New Year post back last January.  What did I achieve from that list?  Not much to be honest.  Big smack to my bot!

This was the 2011 list and commentary as to how I went.

  • Make my own salami  “back on the list for 2012″
  • Advance my skills regarding preserving, bottling, pickling and making jams “Made a start & already planning more seasonal fun”
  • Create a gourmet meal for one of my hikes next year, instead of eating 2 minute noodles, porridge and muesli bars.   “Got fat, didn’t hike, on diet & exercise plan so I can get my ass moving for 2012
  • Make my own cheese “another failure, no cheese”
  • Enjoy a Friday lunch at Assiette “Oh this one I did with Ms Lily”
  • Take a chocolate making class “Sadly not, but again on the to do list”
  • Play around a lot more with molecular gastronomy “I really am a slack ass, back on 2012 agenda”
  • Spend more time making stock to keep on hand in my chest freezer (I am slack!!)  “6L of chicken stock in the freeze as I type, seems I’m not that slack after all”
  • Prepare more vegetarian meals “this was achieved, go me!”
  • Have dinner at Tetsuya’s “nope, didn’t happen, but did have lunch at Quay)”
  • Shop more at the local growers/farmers’ markets “Didn’t frequent as much as I would of liked, this one is also on list for 2012″
  • Shop less at Coles and Woolworths, and support the little guys, again pure laziness and I need smacked!! “this one I adhear to, I love my greengrocer and deli.  Sadly don’t use my local butcher as he lied to me about a turkey a few years ago, long story”
  • Hone my French cooking techniques “yep, slowly but surely, my basics are being honed”
  • Learn more about and use more Australian native ingredients ” yes, but more to be discovered in 2012″
  • Lastly, be successful in keeping that damn possum out of my herb garden and veggie patch! “hmmmm f#^king possum, have given up, no edibles in my garden, thinking chooks for 2012 (joking!) – oh I can hear so many family members shuddering at that comment”

I had an interesting 2011……

Sadly it was a tough one.  My mother in law, Yvonne, lost her battle with cancer.  A long time friend lost her beautiful daughter, so young and taken from us.  An ex boss/long time friend/pain in the ass, also lost his battle with lymphoma this year.  Then there has been the ongoing battle with Sally and her cancer issues.  Also my parents moved to Qld, I miss my mum badly (and dad ;p).

With the bad there are the highlights of good.

Meeting Margaret Fulton.  Seriously, I never thought when I started Belly Rumbles that I would be making afternoon tea for Margaret.  Listening to her stories, her sharing of family pictures, her eating my food (and loving it).  Wow, amazing!!

My first ever interview for Belly Rumbles, which was with the spokes person of Twining Tea, Stephen Twining himself.   Such a dapper English chap.

I hosted the Darling Kitchen’s Daring Cooks’ Challenge.  Oh wow, that was very intense as I didn’t want to let anyone down.  Everyone seemed to enjoy the challenge and there was so much positive feedback, it was truly an awesome experience.

I got to meet the ever so cute Clovis Young , brain child behind the Mad Mex chain.  Now that was a major tequila and chilli lesson.

Paid another visit to Japan, more posts to come early this year, I promise.

What does 2012 hold for me?  I will be honest, it is a little unsure and scary.  As things develop, will happily share with you guys.

What I do know is that I want is to get fit enough to do a couple of hikes this year.  I want to have amazing dining out experiences, think cheap eat gems and hopefully a hatted splurge.  I want to push myself even further in the kitchen.  May even get that salami made.

What do you hope 2012 holds for you?

Oh and by the way, no list this year, just an open mind and willingness to explore.

Sara xxx

Happy New Year!!

31 Dec
December 31, 2010

Happy New Year guys and Happy new decade.  Wow this year has gone so quickly.  Actually the decade has whizzed by as well.  This time 10 years ago I was up at Daydream Island with stupid fluorescent “2000″ glasses on, seeing in a new century.

What an awesome foodie year it has been as well. I have had a wonderful time experimenting and pushing my cooking skills in the kitchen.  Travel was big on the agenda for me this year and there have been many memorable restaurant meals had as well.

One of the most emotional kitchen episodes I had this year was when I went and bought live yabbies from the Sydney Fish Markets.  Rule number one, don’t name live produce before you off it and make it a meal, also try avoiding giving them personalities and little voices.

A few of the many yabbies

I have expanded my culinary knowledge through the Daring Kitchen with their Daring Cooks and Daring Bakers’ challenges.  I would rather forget mysuet pudding disaster, but loved making my owngreen chilli sauce.

The horrible steak & oyster suet pudding

Stacked green chilli chicken enchilada

Josh turned 18 and I really put my skills in the kitchen on the line by making a steampunk cake for him.  Was the first time I had ever used fondant or constructed a cake in that particular manner, was fun getting creative using dry ice for the steam.

The steampunk cake

My most memorable meal this year was at WD-50 in New York where I had the pleasure of meeting Wylie Dufresne.  I was like a star struck idiot that had trouble stringing sentences together.  He is one of the nicest chefs I have met, creative, talented and presented me the most memorable degustation meal of my life.

Wylie & I

There were some very memorable gatherings with fellow food bloggers, which I haven’t actually blogged about.  There was”A feast for the senses” dinner at Bistro CBD, where the tables were turned on four very talented food bloggers and it put them in the kitchen preparing a fantastic dinner.

Fouad, Josh (not one of the talented cooks), Karen &Billy(missingLinda from the picture)

Celebrating foodie friends birthdays,Suze from Chocolate Suze at the  City Hotel, it was school fancy dress, earlier this year.  Then in November it was Helen from Grab your Fork’s birthday at Signorelli Gastronomiawhere we polished off  Trevor a truly delicious crispy suckling piggie.

Trevor – totally delicious

The year ended on a big gathering of bloggers for the annual Bloggers Christmas party held at Centennial Park.  Food, food and more food and for the first time ever we had blogger Olympics.  I was on Team Diva with Billy from A Table for Two, Shez from One More Bite and  Deborah from Vintage Macaroon, we won, Yay Team Diva!!

Billy, Shez & I (photo credit Simon from The Heart of Food)

The amazing amount of food!

Josh eating the cutest strawberry Santa

So what is install for me next year?  I have some personal goals that I want to fulfil, but on the food side I would love to share with you some of my want to dos;

  • Make my own salami
  • Advance my skills regarding preserving, bottling, pickling and making jams
  • Create a gourmet meal for one of my hikes next year, instead of eating 2 minute noodles, porridge and muesli bars.
  • Make my own cheese
  • Enjoy a Friday lunch at Assiette
  • Take a chocolate making class
  • Play around a lot more with molecular gastronomy
  • Spend more time making stock to keep on hand in my chest freezer (I am slack!!)
  • Prepare more vegetarian meals
  • Have dinner at Tetsuya’s
  • Shop more at the local growers/farmers’ markets
  • Shop less at Coles and Woolworths, and support the little guys, again pure laziness and I need smacked!!
  • Hone my French cooking techniques
  • Learn more about and use more Australian native ingredients
  • Lastly, be successful in keeping that damn possum out of my herb garden and vegie patch!

Whatever 2011 holds in store for you I hope it is delicious

Sara xxx

Christmas Eve & Day, the Belly Rumbles way :)

26 Dec
December 26, 2010

Merry  Christmas everyone, I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas day filled with family, friends, food, love and joy.

This Christmas has been a bit of a strange one for me.  All my good intentions and plans were shot to pieces when I came down with a rotten virus.  I have been extremely sick for 2 weeks, continuous coughing and feeling like the living dead.  They thought I had whooping cough and I was quarantined until the results came back.  They were negative, but to be honest, made no difference, I still felt horrid.  No sleep due to coughing makes for one very emotional shell of a girl.

I am still coughing and I have actually lost my voice, but I will get better.  So being hit by this horrid thing really threw my plans out the window.

All my planned Christmas baking did not happen, did not have the strength or energy.

I missed out on my soon to be sister-in-law’s hens night, as I felt like death and at that stage had no idea of how contagious I was (was still under quarantine).  That was the last wedding present I wanted to give to her, the wedding is on the 28th December.

My best bud, Ms Lily, was heading overseas for an epic 2 month trip.  Our planned Christmas lunch was cancelled and proper, goodbyes of have fun, enjoy etc did not happen. Read more →