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Armory Wharf Café, Newington

30 Jul
July 30, 2014

A recent visit to Sally’s oncologist saw Josh and I having an impromptu lunch at the Armory Wharf Café while Sal had a minor procedure. We actually had no idea what we were going to do to kill a couple of hours, but there was no point in driving back to The Shire from Homebush.

A quick look at Mr Google Maps and my first thought was to head to Strathfield. Totally uninspired by that idea we decided to just go for a drive to see where we ended up.

Armory Wharf Café is where we ended. This wasn’t my first visit, I had lunch here a couple of years a go with my Cuz. It was a really enjoyable lunch and I had intentions to share it with you, but other eats were shared instead.

Armory Wharf CafeLocated at the end of Jamieson Street on the Parramatta River, it is a fantastic location. Surrounded by vast parkland with lots of kid friendly play equipment and things to discover. Parking was a cinch this visit, but on my last visit it took quite a few trips around the car park waiting for somebody to leave. Personally I would avoid this place during school holidays. Read more →


Corn Fritters with Tomato Relish

23 May
May 23, 2014

On the weekends I tend to head to the local farmers’ market to pick up fruit and vegetables for the coming week.  There is no plan, it is a case of seeing what is in season and what inspires me.  I tend to devise my weeks’ menu on what goodies I have purchased.

Ears of corn are an item I always pick up.  It always seems fresher, more vibrant and tastes better from the markets.  We enjoy eating corn quite a bit.  Whole ears will be barbequed, and I love it grilled Japanese style.

Even though I love my fresh corn, corn kernels are something that I do keep in the freezer for emergency cooking.  I have even been know to have a tin or two in the cupboard.

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Blackfish Café & Grill, Como

01 Apr
April 1, 2014

I really can’t express what a little hidden paradise, of The Sutherland Shire, Como is.  I recently shared with you all the The Como Grill located in the Como Hotel.  This would be the most obvious place to eat, as it is the most prominent building in Como.  Actually to those not familiar with the are, you may think it was the only place to eat in this waterside suburb.

Not true, there are actually a couple of other places to eat.  One, a Thai restaurant located at the entrance to The Pleasure Grounds, and the other options quite hidden, you need to know they are there.

Black Fish Cafe 7Blackfish Café is one of these hidden gems.  You have to know it is there, be looking for it, or luckily stumble upon it by chance while strolling through the park.  Located next door to the (free) local swimming pool inside The Pleasure Grounds.  The café has stunning views over the Georges River, Como Marina and the Como Bridge. Read more →

Zemnieku Brokastis, Farmers’ Breakfast

31 Mar
March 31, 2014

I love potatoes, give them to me baked, boiled or fried.  I have inherited having a continuous healthy stash of them in my kitchen from my mum, they are a staple.  It has only been in recent years, as I research more about Latvian culture and cuisine, that I am adamant that my love of potatoes is in my blood.

If you are like me, when you think of a potato munching country you automatically think of Ireland.  It seems, for all the same reasons that potatoes were important to the Irish, they were just as important to Latvians.

Potatoes are sometimes referred to as ‘the other bread’ by Latvians, and they feature heavily in the cuisine.  The hardy spud was an important introduction to Latvia from North America in the 19th Century.  No longer would peasants go hungry when the grain stores ran low in Winter and Spring, there was food to eat.

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Café 2232, Sutherland

09 Mar
March 9, 2014

Thrilled to discover another decent coffee joint in The Shire.  Though I am kicking myself.  I have walked past Café 2232 countless times over the past three years to visit Sally’s vet a few doors up. You could say that Sutherland Veterinary Clinic is a second home for us of late.  It was after dropping Sally off again for a procedure, yet again, that Josh and I decided to call in and have breakfast. 

Café 2232 is situated on the ‘other’ side of the tracks.  Prime location directly opposite Sutherland train station and just down from the main bus terminus.  You could say that this is the ‘quite’ side of Sutherland.

Cafe 2232 Sutherlandcoffee $3.50  & orange juice $5

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Abolu Pankukas (Latvian Apple Pancakes)

06 Mar
March 6, 2014

Latvians love pancakes, apples are also very popular in cooking.  Thin pancakes filled with cottage cheese or thicker varieties made with potato, and in this case, apple.

Aussies, like Latvians, love their apples.  More than one in five Aussie adults live by the old adage of eating an apple a day.

We grow 12 varieties of apples in Australia.  This means that there will be an apple variety in season throughout the year.  At the moment Royal Gala and Jonathon apples are in season.

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Easy Creamy Mushrooms on Toast

15 Oct
October 15, 2013

This is going to sound a little like a sponsored post, but let me assure you, it  isn’t.  I wanted to share my favourite creamy mushroom recipe with you, but recently found out some cool mushroom facts that I just need to be shared.

I have discovered that mushrooms can be a wonderful source of vitamin D.  Light-exposed mushrooms that is.

swiss brown mushroomsLight-exposed mushrooms, what are they?  Mushrooms naturally produce vitamin D when they are placed in sunlight.  A concept a little hard to grasp at first when you consider that mushrooms spend their life in the dark, but it has been proven.  Place mushrooms in the sun (an hour for button, two for larger cup mushrooms) and the mushrooms generate Vitamin D levels in a similar way to humans.  You only need to eat light-activated button mushrooms to obtain your daily vitamin D requirement. Read more →

Ricotta & Feta Fritters

11 Oct
October 11, 2013

I have a few obsessions.  Nothing strange about that, I am sure we all do.  My obsession with props isn’t a secret.   I came clean to you all about that addiction earlier this year.  I may have mentioned another obsession of mine a while back.  I’m a rather sad compulsive recipe clipper.

I have  a display folder which has been stretched way past it’s designed capacity, filled with clipped recipes.  You know those display folders, often found rattling around the back of the stationery cupboard at work.  Plastic coil bound, about 20 clear plastic sleeves, hard plastic back and front.  They come in a variety of colours and are A4 in size.  My particular folder is green (note, not nicked from the work stationery cupboard).

These folders are slender little suckers, when new, probably about 3mm thick.  I have managed to fatten mine up to nice and chunky 13cm.  That is equivalent to around 24 copies of Gourmet Traveller stacked one on top of another.  I have estimated that this folder contains at least 2000 clipped recipes.

I won’t make you do the math, happy to do it for you.  If I was to make every recipe clipped, one a day, I would get through that folder in five and a half years minimum.  And that is only if I don’t obsessively add to it, which is bound to happen.

Decision was made last weekend, CULL! Read more →

Carss Park Cafe & Grill, Carss Park

22 Jul
July 22, 2013

Weekends are made for indulgent breakfasts and brunches.  Preferably ones that have been made for you, not at home (cleaning up factor), but out at a cafe.  A little spoiler, something more than the traditional mid-week breakfast, a piece of toast or bowl of cereal hastily scoffed before heading out the door to work.

Carss Park Cafe is a hidden gem within the Carss Bush Park near Blakehurst.  One of those cafes that the locals know about.  Actually the park is a hidden gem as well.  Cheekily hidden behind a nursing home, hotel and houses.  The only tiny indicator of its existence, visible from the Princess Highway,  are the sport fields.  Even then nothing is given away of the rolling grass lawns of the park, bush walking tracks, humongous children’s playground and netted public swimming  The perfect place for a picnic, there are even BBQs, all on the banks of Kogarah Bay.

Within this park is Carss Cafe & Grill.  Located within view of the playground so mum’s can sit outside and enjoy a cappuccino while watching their offspring frolic and play.  For those kidless amongst us, take in the views of the river or park.  Alternatively  grab a seat inside.

It’s a Saturday morning and a relaxed breakfast is decided on before a busy day of renovation shopping.  It has been ages since the last time I visited the cafe.  Not quite sure why it has taken so long for me to return.  On my last visit I had an amazing mushroom breakfast, and it is due to Mushroom Mania that I am prompted to visit.

Sadly our visit is off to a bit of a rough start.  The person who eventually greets us seems to be somewhere else, quite aloof.  We are seated, and there we sit, and sit.  No menus, just dumped and forgotten about.  About 10 minutes later Mac has had enough, and goes to find out if it is order at a counter, do we get menus, if it is table service, basically what the is situation.  After a not so gentle prod, menus come out and we are then served by another person that seems to be more on the ball and quite friendly. Read more →

Glass Brasserie Breakfast – Sydney Hilton

08 Aug
August 8, 2012

Executive Chef Carl Middleton has big plans for Sydney Hilton.  Even before his first day in the kitchen, a smoking oven was purchased and installed at his request.  Yet to come are the bee hives that will be the source of Sydney Hilton’s honey.

Carl comes to the Hilton from Lilianfels Spa & Resort’s award winning  Darley’s Restaurant, but it isn’t his first gig at the Hilton chain.  Previously this UK chef worked at the Langham Hilton and the London Hilton on Park Lane. Read more →