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Hot & Spicy Chicken Wings

24 Mar
March 24, 2014

A bowl of freshly deep fried chicken wings are set down in front of you.  Knowing they’re hot does not deter you from picking one up.  You then proceed to do the chicken wing dance between your fingers.  Holding the wing between one hand before transferring quickly, almost tossing, it to the other, to avoid being burnt. 

You blow like a southerly on the outer crunchy coating in an attempt to cool the piping hot wing.  Just when you think you have succeeded you bite down with your teeth.  The coating shatters on impact with your teeth, resulting in a burst of steam released from the succulently tender meat inside.  You accomplish burning your mouth, which results in making panting noises like you have just gone into labour.  Theatrical short breaths in and out, along with something sounding like ‘hot hot hot’ in an attempt to stop your mouth burning while continuing to eat.

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Tori Karaage

24 Feb
February 24, 2014

What is Tori Karaage?  The most delicious Japanese fried chicken (JFC), that’s what it is.

Like a number of Japanese recipes, Tori Karaage is relatively simple to make.  Only a handful of ingredients used, with the most complicated stage being the frying.  I say that due to having met quite a few people that are afraid of frying.  Don’t be, invest in an oil splatter screen and make sure the ingredients you are frying are as dry as possible.  It is water/moisture that will make your oil splatter.

Kara age Reicpe

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Prawn Balls

13 Feb
February 13, 2014

You could say that this is an inside out prawn toast recipe.  I was about to make my regular prawn toast when an idea popped into my head.  Why not cube the bread and cover the mixture and make balls to fry?

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Blood Orange Negroni Popsicles

04 Oct
October 4, 2013

Not far now until a well deserved long weekend in Sydney.  Therefore I thought I would share with you a simple but delicious recipe.  A very adult recipe, not one for the kids.

With the weather looking beautiful at the moment, and we Aussies heading towards the Summer months, a little something to cool you down.

These are the perfect addition to a lazy weekend barbeque.  Yes traditionally Negroni is an apéritif, but these are a nice mouth cleansing adult treat after lunch or dinner.  Or even enjoy them lazing by the pool.  These would also make the cutest canape if made as mini popsicles.

blood orange negroni popsiclesIf you haven’t tried a Negroni it is a slightly bitter cocktail.  Not a cute and fluffy cocktail by any means.  My pops are alcoholic.  If you wish to get rid of the alcohol then bring your sugar syrup to the boil with the alcohol added.  Do not add the orange juice until after this step and the pot is off the heat.  I believe that this will alter the taste of them though. Read more →

Molten Brie Recipe, Quick & Easy Entertaining

30 May
May 30, 2013

Entertaining can be hard work and stressful at times.  It really doesn’t need to be when you have some quick and easy dishes in your repertoire that taste great and look impressive.

I recently made this dish for a get together of a bunch of friends.  A casual affair where we all bought something along for lunch.  I really felt like I was cheating by bringing a couple of rounds of brie along, but it was a success with all.molten brie recipe 2The brie was prepared up to baking point at home.  Not that there is much preparation involved.  It may seem simple but the addition of the rosemary, juniper berries and brandy magically transform humble brie to something quite addictive.  The most difficult part of this recipe is wrapping it in baking paper and tying it with string.  You will need an extra pair of hands for that step. Read more →

Irish Potato Bread & Smoked Salmon Spread

16 Mar
March 16, 2013

Happy St Patrick’s Day for tomorrow.  May your glass be ever full of Guinness, may your stew be hearty and may you have an endless supply of potato bread to go with your Ulster Fry.

Potato bread can take on a few forms, but the stuff I am talking about here is common in Northern Ireland.  It is also known as potato farls or fadge.  Very common in Ulster and is a key ingredient in an Ulster Fry.  Which here in Australia we would call a ‘big breakfast’.

As much as I love Paddy The Baker’s bread, I do giggle to myself when I see people buying potato bread at a premium price.  To be honest here, we have been known to  buy a slice or two when at Marrickville Markets to nibble as we shop.  Mac and Sally munch away as I dart between stalls to pick up our supplies. Read more →

Recipe: Chilled Cucumber Soup Shots with Spicy Crab

15 Jan
January 15, 2013

Summer in Australia is hot, don’t let anybody tell you differently.  It’s also the time that we Aussies love to entertain.  Long BBQ’s at home, accompanied with cooling beverages, lasting until the heat of the day is put to bed by the arrival of evening.  Our hot Summer days do cry out for BBQs, but cooling dishes for entertaining are also an essential requisite for any serious home cooks’ repertoire.

Another recipe that I am not 100% sure when I nabbed it from, maybe Delicious?  I made these for Christmas Day 2012, but they are perfect for any entertaining occasion.  I made them as shots, but you could prepare larger versions as a cool entree to start a Summer dinner party.

Not sure if you like chilled soup?  Quite a few people are put off by the idea.  This is a great recipe to make and see if chilled soup is for you.  This recipe is full of flavour and the crab gives you the required texture to add some interest for your palate. Read more →

Christmas Recipe: Festive Sausage Rolls

09 Dec
December 9, 2012

Amongst the sophisticated hors d’oeuvres that may grace your Christmas table, it is always nice to have something for the kids.  The only thing that really makes these sausage rolls festive is the use of cranberry sauce in the filling.  I feel it is enough of a ‘Christmas’ ingredient to slide these in to my Christmas recipes, just.

As easy as this recipe is, the sage and cranberry sauce does take the humble sausage roll to a new level.   The beauty of this recipe is the sausage rolls can be made in advance and frozen once they have been assembled.  If not used for Christmas day, they really are great to have on hand in the freezer to pop in the oven when unexpected guests pay a visit.  Trust me, big kids will devour these just as quickly as the little ones. Read more →

PIRAGI – Latvian Bacon Buns

03 Jul
July 3, 2012

I thought it only appropriate that my 200th post on Belly Rumbles be one about a food that is close to my heart.  Close due to happy memories, the deliciousness and the fact it is a family recipe.  A recipe that is passed down the generations in all households of Latvian descent.  Even today Josh whipped up two batches of piragi to share amongst his friends tomorrow as they partake in their gaming marathon.  It does make this mother proud that he does an amazing job and that his rolling of these little buns has almost reached my standard.

One of my earliest food memories was standing in my great grandmother’s kitchen in Merrylands, Sydney.  My grandmother and great aunt would also be present.  It would have been school holidays, a day or two before Christmas Eve.  grandma would have been babysitting me while Mum and Dad were at work.

The kitchen would be full of glorious cooking smells, traditional delights being prepared for the family’s Christmas Eve feast.  The table that dominated the tiny kitchen, would be covered with flour and piles of dough.  Nimble fingers shaped buns filled with bacon and onion perfectly.  I was witnessing a piragis production line, to which I was welcomed to join with open arms. Read more →

Quick & Easy Prawn Toast Recipe

15 Feb
February 15, 2012

Prawn toast is a favourite of mine.  The crunch of biting through the crisp fried bread base and savouring the juicy prawn topping, truly scruptious.  Usually eaten just out of the wok, steam escaping from the prawn topping, usually up my nose as I take that first bite.

As much as I adore prawn toast, it really isn’t an everyday food, is it?.  Being fried in oil, the bread does do it’s fair share of soaking a bit of that oil up, no matter how well you drain it.  Healthy for you, this dish is not.

On the weekend once in a while I will make this as a treat for the boys, and of course as a treat for myself.  Simple finger food served with some sweet chilli sauce on the side.

I never order them these days when we eat out at Chinese restaurants.  I have often wondered if they are of those ‘Anglo’ dishes that are just there for those of us from non Chinese backgrounds.  They were a staple item I would always want to order as a child, but these days I always tend to order items a lot more interesting and unusual.  Read more →