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Madame Butterfly, Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour

25 Mar
March 25, 2014

Only over the past few years have I discovered a deep enjoyment of opera.  As a child I was introduced to every other form of music and my parents were lovers of the theatre and live performance.   This explains my love for musicals.

My only brushes with opera were the Three Tenors and the movie Pretty Woman.  I have never forgotten the line, ‘Oh, it was so good, I almost peed my pants!’ exclaimed by Julia Roberts’ character Vivian, when asked if she enjoyed watching a performance of La Traviata.

Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour is the perfect place to experience the opera for the first time.  In fact last for around 40% of those that attended HOSO’s performance last year of Carmen, it was their first opera experience.   I just wonder how many of them were as moved at Vivian?Handa_Opera_on_Sydney_Harbour_2014-MADAMA_BUTTERFLY_Photo_courtesy_of_Opera_Australia

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Dylan Carter, A Culinary Tribute

20 Mar
March 20, 2014

If the name Dylan Carter rings a bell it may be due to reading about this aspiring young chef on Belly Rumbles last year.  If not you may be a Masterchef Junior fan.  I was invited to Dylan’s first ever pop up and was quite blown away by the then 14 year old school student from down Wollongong way.  I have continued to stay in touch and kept a keen eye on what he is up to.  If you haven’t read the original post, then please pop over and have a read, you will be amazed at what kitchens this young man has worked in.

A year gone by, Dylan a year older and it seems due for another pop up dinner.  The diner was organised under the wing of the Australian Good Food Guide’s (AGFG) Junior Development Program.

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Sydney Festival 2014

12 Jan
January 12, 2014

Happy New Year, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas break. As you may have noticed, Belly Rumbles had a little break, but all back on deck now.  I’m looking forward to sharing a year filled with travel, food and lifestyle to make your belly and mind rumble for all the fun and tasty things in life.

One event that is synonymous with the New Year in Sydney is the Sydney Festival. I am actually a little sneaky and purchase tickets for shows I want to attend. How am I sneaky?  I purchase the tickets in the form of ‘family’ Christmas presents to surprise Mac and Josh with. Often they aren’t as enthusiastic as I, probably due to being subjected to a few strange and unusual performances over the years.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis year was no different, Sydney Festival tickets were hidden in Christmas stockings as gifts, and the first performance attended was CR Avery & The Sojourners. The performance was held in one of the two performance venues, Circus Ronaldo Tent, located in the Festival Village at Hyde Park. Read more →

Luke Mangan creates the Highest High Tea for Virgin Australia

14 Oct
October 14, 2013

Attending a high tea isn’t something new.  I do like the occasional high tea, quite fond of them actually.  But how can you say  no Virgin Australia when they ask you to attend a high tea at 40,000 feet?  To be part of something that no other airline in Australia has attempted before, the highest of all high teas.

Virgin Australia High TeaThe high tea, served on today’s (14/10/13) Sydney-Perth route, was to mark Luke Mangan’s third anniversary of working with Virgin and to celebrate the arrival of the seventh wide-bodied Airbus A330 aircraft to the Virgin fleet.  The A330 will be flying the Sydney-Perth route from this month for weekday services.

More than 300 scones baked, 580 ribbons sandwiches prepared, and 270 cups of tea brewed for the high tea. Read more →

Good Food Month 2013, Sydney

13 Oct
October 13, 2013

Good Food Month is like Christmas to some.  I know I am one of those people.  It is like living in foodie nirvana for 31 days.

For those that don’t live in Sydney or haven’t heard of Good Food Month, it is a celebration of everything that is food.  Establishments across town and in regional areas of NSW, put on special menus, organise special events and there are visiting celebrity chefs as well.

For a comprehensive rundown of what is happening around town and further afield visit the Good Food Month website.  http://sydney.goodfoodmonth.com

I thought I would share with you some events worth checking out over October. Read more →

Lindeman’s Open Garden at the Australian Garden Show + Passes to Giveaway

30 Aug
August 30, 2013

It may not yet be September, close, not quite, but Spring is definitely here.  The weather is gorgeous and there is the smell of jasmine everywhere.  The perfect time of year for the Australian Garden Show to be held in Sydney for the first time.  The good news for Belly Rumbles’ readers is that I have two double passes to give away.

The Australian Garden Show Sydney celebrates Sydneyites love of their gardens and outdoor space.  Sydney’s biggest outdoor gardening and lifestyle event will be held at Centennial Park over 4 days from Thursday 5 – Sunday 8 September 2013.Lindemans Secret Garden 1The show is going to be big with an amazing line up of events to appeal to gardening beginner or the expert with two green thumbs.  The 1000 square metre fully sustainable kitchen garden is something I will be checking out.  But there really is something for everyone; casual talks on sharpening up your garden and sustainability, large feature gardens & smaller urban-style and balcony gardens, a kids zone where kids can pot and take home their plants, cooking demonstrations & hands on workshops, plus hundreds of retail stands. Read more →

Wombarra by Dylan Carter

21 May
May 21, 2013

Who is Dylan Carter?  This was a question I found myself asking after Dylan followed me on Twitter.  A quick look at his Twitter profile revealed ’14 Year Old Aspiring Chef.  Worked at some great restaurants around Australia’.  14 year old chef?  I seriously thought I was being punked.

On further investigation it turned out I wasn’t.  Dylan is a real boy, or should I say young man.  His love of cooking was inspired by MasterChef.  So much so that he auditioned for Junior MasterChef making it in to the top 27 before sadly being eliminated.

Since MasterChef Dylan has been busy gaining experience in some of Sydney’s top restaurants, Assiette, Four in hand, Ormeggio, Flying Fish, Cutler & Co, Biota Dining, just to name a few.  His passion for food, skills and knowledge gained since Junior MasterChef saw Dylan take the next step, his first pop up restaurant, Wombarra by Dylan Carter.

I was thrilled when Dylan approached me and asked if I would be interested in coming along to his first pop up.  A pop up by a 14 year old, I knew this was going an event I would always remember, good or bad. Read more →

Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour – Carmen

02 Apr
April 2, 2013

Sydney really does host some amazing events.  I feel blessed to live in such an artistic and culturally diverse city.  Opera may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but let me take your mind away from whatever preconceptions you may have.  All operas are not created equally.

The opera of choice for this year’s Handa Opera on Sydney Harbour is Carmen.

Ariya Sawadivong (Fraquita), Milijana Nikolic (Carmen) & Tania Ferris (Mercedes) in HOSH - Carmen 2013 Photo by James Morgan_4436Ariya Sawadivong (Fraquita), Milijana Nikolic (Carmen) & Tania Ferris (Mercedes) in HOSH – Carmen 2013. Photo by James Morgan

Carmen is a tragic love story set in Seville.  A naive solider, Don Jose falls in love with the fiery and beautiful gypsy Carmen.  Don Jose abandons his childhood sweetheart for the lusty Carmen who them dumps like a lead balloon for a glamorous toreador.  Love, lust, betrayal and death, accompany this with vibrant colours, catchy music, amazing voices, entertaining choreography and fireworks, who could ask for more?  Oh wait, there is more.  You get to watch this all from the historic Fleet Steps in the Sydney Royal Botanic Garden overlooking the Sydney Harbour Bridge and iconic Opera House. Read more →

Time to Get Shioked!

10 Mar
March 10, 2013

The Singapore Shiok Truck
Last week you may have spied The Singapore Shiok Truck around town?  Singapore Tourism has brought a glimpse of Singapore’s Hawker markets to Sydney.  The menu has been designed by Audra Morrice (MasterChef finalist), and includes dishes Ketang Laksa $6, Nonya Chicken Curry $6 Sambal Stingray $7 and Popiah $4.

But what is shiok?  Shiok is a Singlish  term used to convey extreme pleasure and happiness.

If you missed out on escaping to Singapore for a few minutes last week, the Singapore Shiok Truck is around until Tuesday next week.

Sunday 10th March:  Overseas Passenger Terminal 12-3pm & Hyde Park (Cnr Elizabeth & Park Sts) 6-9pm.
Monday 11th March:  Bangaroo 12-3pm & Queen’s Square (Hyde Park Barracks) 6-9pm.
Tuesday 12th March:  Victoria Park (car park) 12-3pm & Harmony Park, Surry Hills 6-9pm

The Singapore Shiok Truck is part of Singapore Tourism Board’s ‘Get Lost & Find the Real Singapore’ campaign, which challenges Australian to go beyond the Singapore they know to uncover the true breadth of exciting experiences the city offers.

If you have a chance, be sure to check out The Singapore Shiok Truck for great food at great prices which hopefully will have you  exclaiming ‘SHIOK”!

School of Shiok
I was invited last week to the School of Shiok, a pop-up event in Waterloo, to get my hands dirty and have a go at making some Singaporean cuisine for myself.  Ed Halmagyi ‘Fast Ed’ was given the task of leading those invited through cooking the dishes. Read more →

Guerilla Dining, Live & Well in Sydney

08 Jan
January 8, 2013

There is definitely a solid and thriving underground/guerilla dining scene in Sydney.  The concept has proved so popular that it has gone mainstream.  I give you guerilla dining’s offspring, the pop-up restaurant.  Once announced theses events are almost immediately sold out.

The difference between guerilla dining and a pop up restaurant,  is the former isn’t a off shoot of a normal restaurant, nor does it involve a trained chef.  Generally a underground/guerilla dining experience is a restaurant that is set up for one night, in somebody’s home, vacant warehouse or other non-restaurant site.

How do you find out about these events?  Social media, word of mouth or being on a mailing list.  Generally as soon as a dining event is planned, the coveted spaces are nabbed up pretty quickly.

I attended one such event for a Thanksgiving dinner at Mi Casa Su Casa.  Mi Casa Su Casa, literally means ‘my home is your home’ in Spanish.  This is exactly how our hosts, SarahKate and Andy, make us feel, very relaxed and at home.

I have only ever attended one other Thanksgiving dinner before.  I was 16 years old and cruising the Nile in Egypt.  Having quite a few Americans on board for Thanksgiving, the crew made sure to make a special effort for them.  Needless to say, the food wasn’t typical for a Thanksgiving meal, but was a fun evening nonetheless. Read more →