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Jack O’ Lantern Stuffed Capsicums

22 Oct
October 22, 2013

All Hallow’s Eve or Halloween, generally thought of as an American celebration thrust on us Aussies.  Indeed when I was growing up, Halloween existed only through my television set, on shows such as The Brady Bunch or some other popular American show at the time.

When I got married, only then did I realise that Halloween isn’t just celebrated in America nor did it originate there.  In fact it’s a big deal in Ireland.  It was originally from these Celtic speaking countries that All Hallow’s Eve originated.  It is believed that the festival was originally influenced by Celtic harvest festivals and festivals celebrating the dead.  Halloween was only introduced to Northern America in the 19th Century when there was a mass Irish and Scottish immigration.

Jack O Lantern Stuffed Capsicums Read more →


Halloween Dessert Degustation, Studio Neon

30 Oct
October 30, 2012

I am not a dessert person.  Hand me a glass or red, soft gushing ripe triple brie, mild creamy blue and a sharp cheddar after dinner and you will win me over every time.  Therefore, I admit when I first heard of the Halloween Dessert Degustation taking place at Studio Neon, I wasn’t quick to jump at attending.

Attend I did!  Of course I was going to when the three ‘chefs’ on the evening are friends of mine.  It was much excitement that Josh and I rocked up to Studio Neon to enjoy the spoils of two days hard work by fellow food bloggers, Billy (A Table for Two), Phuoc (Phuoc ‘n Delicious) and Karen (Citrus & Candy). Read more →

Halloween Recipe: Creepy Chocolate & Pumpkin Spiders

29 Oct
October 29, 2012

These arachnids are more cute than creepy, but they are still perfect for Halloween.  Even somebody with severe arachnophobia would have fun with these.  Just look at what gorgeous big eyes they have.  Did you know that generally spiders have eight eyes as well as eight legs?  As these are mini tarts there just isn’t enough room for eight eyes, so two big ones will have to do.

You may remember my mini Chocolate Pumpkin Whoopie Pie recipe from a few weeks ago.  I fell in love with the pumpkin filling.  If you are able to catch me in the kitchen running my finger around the mixing bowl, to eat the remaining smudges of a cooking endeavour, you know it must taste good. Read more →

Halloween Recipe: Mini Chocolate & Pumpkin Whoopie Pies

15 Oct
October 15, 2012

Whoopie pies, don’t panic if you haven’t heard of them, not many people have.  I read an article about two years ago regarding upcoming food trends.  According to the author, whoopie pies were going to be the next big thing in Australia, move over cupcakes and macarons.  Like you, I am still waiting for the trend to hit.

About 12 months ago, I did think “here they come….” when Betty Crocker mixes appeared in the baking isles of Coles, but I am yet to see ready to eat whoopie pies anywhere.  You can buy ginger kisses from Woolworths and Coles, not called whoopie pies, but they are a mini version and have been available to for purchase for donkey’s years.

Whoopie pies are two round domed cake like biscuits which are stuck together by a creamy frosting style filling.  They are considered to have originated in Pennsylvania by the Amish.  That is unless you are from Maine or New Hampshire who also claim their origin.

I have been wanting to make whoopie pies for a while, and what better excuse to bake a very American cookie/cake than an extremely American celebration, Halloween. Read more →