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All Good Things Eatery, Kingsgrove

19 May
May 19, 2014

Who would of thought there was a pretty cool little café in Kingsgrove.  Actually it isn’t too little, All Good Things is quite large and expansive.  Light industrial feel with high ceilings, exposed brickwork, modern lighting, wood and metal.

All Good Things opened its doors November last year and has been doing a swinging trade ever since.  Owners Phillip and Simon Lakis (brothers) have definitely made their mark on the neighbourhood and its surrounds.  They make as much as possible in house.  This includes making their own preserves, pickles, peanut butter, yoghurt, cheese and butter.  You will see the pickles lining the shelf above the large central communal table.

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Deep Fried Chicken Necks

05 May
May 5, 2014

A few of you may have read the title of this post and simple said ‘why Sara, why oh why?’ I know my mother will have.  Why deep-fried chicken necks of all things?  Surely there are nicer parts of the bird to fry to crunchy goodness?  Well yes, there are as I discovered, but you have to experiment and play, or you will never know what brilliance may happen.

Using chicken necks in this manner falls in to my no waste, head to tail ethics of eating an animal.  My thought was that this would give the often discarded chicken neck, another role in life.  Besides being used in the making of stock, or some people (I believe), give them to their cats to chow down on.  They are also an incredibly reasonable part of the chicken to purchase, a dollar or two a kilo.

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Hot & Spicy Chicken Wings

24 Mar
March 24, 2014

A bowl of freshly deep fried chicken wings are set down in front of you.  Knowing they’re hot does not deter you from picking one up.  You then proceed to do the chicken wing dance between your fingers.  Holding the wing between one hand before transferring quickly, almost tossing, it to the other, to avoid being burnt. 

You blow like a southerly on the outer crunchy coating in an attempt to cool the piping hot wing.  Just when you think you have succeeded you bite down with your teeth.  The coating shatters on impact with your teeth, resulting in a burst of steam released from the succulently tender meat inside.  You accomplish burning your mouth, which results in making panting noises like you have just gone into labour.  Theatrical short breaths in and out, along with something sounding like ‘hot hot hot’ in an attempt to stop your mouth burning while continuing to eat.

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Rude Boy Rib Sauce, Recipe to Riches

23 Oct
October 23, 2013

Episode 9 of Recipe to Riches Australia already.  The series is coming to an end, and I just worked out I am going to have to find something else to  pick on each week.  Kidding, it’s been great fun and I have loved the feedback and comments from everyone.  Even people that aren’t watching the show are weighing in on the discussions.

This week was all about Man Food.  I made sure the two resident Man Food experts watched this episode with me.  It is quite interesting what they pick up that I don’t.  Took Mac less than five seconds of watching the batch up this week to point out to me that nobody in the kitchen were wearing hair nets.  Interesting observation, as the food is being prepared in a commercial manner.

I was also informed by Josh, as I am not a man, I should wait till he got home from college to write my review.  And all three of us had a heated discussion on the differences between rissoles and meatballs.

The two recipes that received golden tickets but didn’t end up winning were Themis and his bolognaise minced meat pie and Christina and her meatballs.

Themis didn’t make it through batch up.  I was quite relieved by this as I had visions of another gristle episode if he was the winner.   Bobby’s rib sauce ended up beating Christina’s meatballs in the end.  We were a little confused whether the ribs were to be included or not with the sauce.  I suspected not and I was quite happy with this as it meant I got to choose my meat.  I really am such a fussy girl. Read more →

Chur Burger, Surry Hills

08 Jul
July 8, 2013

Quiet is my new middle name.  I have been so flat out on other projects that Belly Rumbles has suffered a great deal of late.  To be honest I got the shock of my life when I saw how many posts appeared in June.  Two, two!!!!  Just two……….  I hope you all still love me, and I am happy to let you know that I am back.  I have sharpened my life juggling skills, had a time management guru in to coach me, and my dear reader, I am back.

Chur burger re-opened late last month at 48 Albion Street, Surry Hills (past home to Assiette and Albion St Kitchen), after a fire at its old digs in March.  For those unaware, Chur Burger is one of Warren Turnbull’s establishments.  Born due to Warrens’ love for burgers.

I luuuuurve Warren’s love for burgers, this love has created some very tasty burgers indeed! Chur Burger 1We ventured there for a weekday lunch, and the place was packed.  I mean sardines in a tin style packed.   You have the option of eating in or taking away.  We nearly took the take away option, but my dining partner fluttered her eyelashes, put on a dazzling smile, and before you know it we are sharing a table with four guys having a business lunch. Read more →

KiwiBerry Doughnuts

28 Apr
April 28, 2013

Well hello there!  I’ve been quiet, I know.  Belly Rumbles has resembled a ghost town over the past two weeks.  Apologies for that guys, but there has been quite a bit going on.

A family vacation to the Northern Territory,  Kakadu, Nitmiluk, Litchfield and Darwin, conquered and explored.  Stay tuned, there will be lots of sharing in regard to our adventures.

I have been a busy bee along with Amanda of Chew Town working on The Sweet Swap.  It will be officially launched this Wednesday, but please pop over to The Sweet Swap for a sneaky peek.  Be the first to see what it is all about before we officially announce the Aussie Food Blogger event to the World.

Then there is my sweet Sally.  Sal has been back at the veterinary clinic for more surgery to remove, not one, not two but four tumours.  As Josh put it, she looks like she is cos playing as Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie.  Three large nasty incisions, one on either side of her torso and the other down behind her front leg.  Still waiting on results, and fingers are crossed they got them all.

If you have been reading Belly Rumbles for a while, you will know that over the past three years Sally has been under the knife a few times, in fact six, to remove cancerous tumours.  Hopefully this is the last time.

Yes, that dirty evil disease, CANCER.  Sally may have four legs and fur, but she is part of our family.  Loved immensely, and there really isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for her.  My family is no stranger to Cancer.  A couple of years ago my beautiful mother-in-law lost her battle.  I have lost my grandmother to bowel cancer and an aunt also lost her own battle with the big C.  There have been friends, friends’ children, acquaintances, all having their lives cut short to this disease.

Due to being  up in the Northern Territory, I had to RSVP ‘no’ to the Cancer Council of NSW’s 20th anniversary of The Big Morning Tea celebrations.  It was a shame, as I have a great respect for the Cancer Council and what they are doing.  I also can’t believe that The Big Morning Tea has been going for so long, 20 years! Read more →

Teriyaki Chicken Wings & Cooking Sake Explained

24 Feb
February 24, 2013

I don’t think my love for Japan, it’s people and especially the food is a secret.  Many years ago when I started to pursue my love of Japanese food, by learning how to prepare it for myself at home, it was a struggle to find the appropriate ingredients.  Luckily, there are now many Japanese grocery shops around Sydney and many basic staples are available in your local supermarket.  How far we have come.

Many years ago when I would originally see the word ‘sake’ in the ingredient list of recipes, I would run out and try and source a bottle of drinking sake (Nihonshu).  Then one day, in my lounge room, Tetsuya Wakuda shared something with me.  “This is cooking sake, you don’t use the sake you drink when cooking’.   Maeve O’Meara then turned to him, nodded her head, and said she didn’t realise there was a difference.  I do love Food Safari.   Like Maeve, I had no idea there was a difference until that moment either.

Ryorishu is the Japanese word for cooking sake and literally means ‘cuisine alcohol’.  You generally don’t drink ryorishu straight, it isn’t enjoyable as a drink.  It is milled differently to drinking sake, there is a lower milling rate of around  80-90%.  Milling removes fats, proteins and amino acids that lead to unwanted flavours and aromas in the brewing process.  A lower milling rate means it isn’t as refined in taste as a drinking sake, but the bolder flavour lends itself much better to cooking.  It doesn’t get lost amongst other ingredients like soy sauce, sugar etc.  Ryorishu does have an alcohol content, the one in my cupboard is rated at  14-15% alcohol.  Therefore salt is added to the ryorishu (usually about 2% to render it just undrinkable), which allows supermarkets to sell it. Read more →

Australia Day Lamb Pies with Minted Mushie Peas

25 Jan
January 25, 2013

Happy Australia Day!  What could be more Australian than lamb on Australia Day?  You could add a breakfast of Vegemite on toast.  Chug back a few VB’s on the day, even with breakfast if that’s your thing.

My mum and Mac adore lamb, Josh is quite fond of it too, even Ms Lily has a bit of a love affair going with lamb.  I have a secret, I don’t like lamb, actually like is too soft a word, I hate lamb.  I do like lambs in their living form, they are so cute as they frolic around the paddock.  Butcher one, cook it up and my love goes out the window.  I’m not too fond of Vegemite either, and detest beer.

Some would consider that I am very un-Australian for hating the big three; lamb, Vegemite and beer.  But what really makes you a dinky-di Aussie anyway?

I think I am the perfect example of what makes you an Aussie.  I was born here, so instantly have my papers in order.  My mother’s side are Irish/English and came out here when Australia was discovered/stolen/overtaken/settled (not getting into that mind thought right now) to start a new life.  My father’s side came to Australia a little later to escape the horrors of World War 2, settle and make a new life.  Unless you are native Australian, you were either born here or came here to better your life and that of your family.  Actually those we consider native Australians also came here, and we have to assume their agenda was also to better their lives. Read more →

Ms.G’s Spooky Lunch, Potts Point

31 Oct
October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween everyone!

Whenever Ms.G’s announce that they are putting on a special Saturday lunch, I am probably one of the first to call the Merivale booking centre to make a reservation.  It has become a tradition for Josh and I to have a ‘mummy & me’ date, and enjoy the surprises that Head Chef, Dan Hong, comes up with.

Normally I don’t see the actual menu for these events advertised before the actual day.  This time the menu was posted on the Merivale website.  I had booked at least a month before I saw this.  When I did, I had doubts on if I wanted to actually attend the seven course, $75/head lunch.

I kept thinking to myself, and reassuring Josh, that Dan loves playing on words and what is written isn’t necessarily what we will get.

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Paul’s Famous Hamburgers, Sylvania

24 Oct
October 24, 2012

Paul’s ‘famous’ Hamburgers has been around for ages.  Since 1957 actually, when Paul and Katina Zerefos established a mini-market/milk-bar and burger shop on the present site.  Today only the burger shop remains.  Did you know that Paul actually never made a hamburger?  It was his wife Katina that devised the famous burger recipe.

Katina and her children were the driving force behind the burger shop.  Originally it was only burgers that were made, they specialised in them.  Eventually the menu expanded to include milkshakes, hot chips and their signature freshly ‘squeezed’ pineapple crush.

It has been a long time between visits to Paul’s, many years, well over ten.  When we first moved to The Shire 20 years ago, Paul’s was our go to burger joint.  We really loved the burgers, but then something happened, in 1998 new owners took over.  We ventured back a couple of times but the burgers were never the same, so we stopped going. Read more →