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Rose’s Peach Ice Blocks

31 Jan
January 31, 2014

I’ll be honest with you, I have never called ice blocks popsicles in my whole life.  Well, that was until around six months ago, damn those Americanism influences.  Why do Americans and Canadians call them popsicles?  The same reason why some Australians call tissues a Kleenex, Popsicle was a popular early ice block brand in their region.

No matter what you call them, popsicles, ice blocks, freezer pops or even ice lolly as they do in the UK, you are probably a little bit over seeing recipes for frozen treats on a stick.  The internet has gone a little crazy with ice block recipes of late.  Being summer here in Australia, it seems nearly every blogger has a recipe on their site.

Easy Peach and Rose Popsicles Read more →


Sydney Festival 2014

12 Jan
January 12, 2014

Happy New Year, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas break. As you may have noticed, Belly Rumbles had a little break, but all back on deck now.  I’m looking forward to sharing a year filled with travel, food and lifestyle to make your belly and mind rumble for all the fun and tasty things in life.

One event that is synonymous with the New Year in Sydney is the Sydney Festival. I am actually a little sneaky and purchase tickets for shows I want to attend. How am I sneaky?  I purchase the tickets in the form of ‘family’ Christmas presents to surprise Mac and Josh with. Often they aren’t as enthusiastic as I, probably due to being subjected to a few strange and unusual performances over the years.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis year was no different, Sydney Festival tickets were hidden in Christmas stockings as gifts, and the first performance attended was CR Avery & The Sojourners. The performance was held in one of the two performance venues, Circus Ronaldo Tent, located in the Festival Village at Hyde Park. Read more →

Blood Orange Negroni Popsicles

04 Oct
October 4, 2013

Not far now until a well deserved long weekend in Sydney.  Therefore I thought I would share with you a simple but delicious recipe.  A very adult recipe, not one for the kids.

With the weather looking beautiful at the moment, and we Aussies heading towards the Summer months, a little something to cool you down.

These are the perfect addition to a lazy weekend barbeque.  Yes traditionally Negroni is an apéritif, but these are a nice mouth cleansing adult treat after lunch or dinner.  Or even enjoy them lazing by the pool.  These would also make the cutest canape if made as mini popsicles.

blood orange negroni popsiclesIf you haven’t tried a Negroni it is a slightly bitter cocktail.  Not a cute and fluffy cocktail by any means.  My pops are alcoholic.  If you wish to get rid of the alcohol then bring your sugar syrup to the boil with the alcohol added.  Do not add the orange juice until after this step and the pot is off the heat.  I believe that this will alter the taste of them though. Read more →

Recipe: Pavlova Ice Cream

22 Jan
January 22, 2013

Pavlova, something I regard as quintessentially Australian.  Most New Zealanders would argue with me until blue in the face, and they may have a point from what I have read.  But, being quintessentially Aussie, is not about ownership of the original recipe.  It is about a dessert that is as part of growing up an Australian, as sand in your cossie bottoms down at the beach (I am sure we didn’t event that either).  I could not tell you how many BBQ’s, dinner parties, lunches, picnics and family gatherings where the humble Pav appeared.

I was approached by the PR company representing Australian owned Queen Fine Foods, and asked if I would like to try some of their new make-at-home Sorbet and Gelato mixes.  It’s summer, my readers love road tests, of course I was going to take them up on the offer.

I had many ideas dancing through my little brain of how to take the base mix and individualise it Belly Rumbles style.  With Australia Day fast approaching, pavlova ice cream seemed an obvious choice. Read more →

N2 Extreme Gelato, Sydney

09 Jan
January 9, 2013

What is so extreme about N2?  Well, they just happen to make their gelato using liquid Nitrogen.  Not a new concept and has been around for a while.  The first time I came across this method was on a trip to New York a few years ago.

Why make gelato with liquid Nitrogen?  Liquid Nitrogen freezes the liquid gelato 10 times quicker than a conventional gelato batch maker.  This results in finer ice particles and leaves you with a very smooth creamy gelato.

What also makes N2 stand out from the crowd is your gelato order is made fresh for you.  Fresh herbs, aromatics and other ingredients can be added at the last moment, giving the customer the freshest gelato in town.

N2 is decked out like a chemistry lab crossed with a kitchen.  There are beakers containing the gelato ingredients, funky coloured Kitchen Aids lining the steel bench and a giant caged vat of liquid Nitrogen safely out of the way of the action. Read more →

Christmas Recipe: 5 Easy Uses for Fruit Mince

24 Dec
December 24, 2012

Firstly it is my pleasure to announce the winner of the Wonderful Pistachio Giveaway.  Congratulations Brad Iverson.  I will be in contact with you shortly.

One more sleep and Christmas will be here.  Time has flown and I can’t believe how quickly it has crept up on us.  Did it creep up on you too?  Here are five festive ways to use fruit mince.  All very quick and easy.  You can use your own fruit mince, I did make some earlier this month.  Alternatively grab a jar from the supermarket, either way, quick and easy festivity at your finger tips.  Perfect for that last minute baking. Read more →

Daring Bakers’ Challenge – July, Swiss Swirl Ice Cream Cake

31 Jul
July 31, 2010


The July 2010 Daring Bakers’ challenge was hosted by Sunita of Sunita’s world – life and food. Sunita challenged everyone to make an ice-cream filled Swiss roll that’s then used to make a bombe with hot fudge. Her recipe is based on an ice cream cake recipe from Taste of Home.

I have been pretty busy and this is showing in my challenges.  Last month I did actually complete it, but it was such a  pile of goop that I didn’t bother posting the end result.  I had been so busy with Junior’s cake that I ended up just throwing the challenge together to complete it.  There was no heart or soul put in to it all and that showed.  Sadly the same thing happened this month.  I am not at all happy with what I ended up with, but as I said when I started this blog, this is about my food journey and want to share both kitchen successes and disasters.  I am human and I make a hell of a lot of mistakes in the kitchen, but through those mistakes I learn and grow.

I decided to make ice cream sandwiches not actually a whole cake.

My vision:  Green tea swiss roll filled with sweetened cream and sweet red bean, beautifully rolled to a perfect round shape. A slice placed in a ramekin, topped with home made black sesame ice cream then covered with another slice of the swiss roll.  When this would be unmoulded it would be topped with a perfectly tempered disc of white and green tea chocolate.

My reality:  Green tea swiss roll filled with sweetened cream and sweet red bean, rolled and looking like an elephant had sat on it.  Too large to fit in to a ramekin.  Therefore a slice placed on a piece of baking paper, topped with black sesame ice cream, then another slice placed on top. Untempered white chocolate flavoured with green tea and white chocolate mixed with mahogany shimmer drizzled over the top.  They ended up looking pretty fugly, but at least they tasted okay, you just had to close your eyes :)

I based my recipe on one from the sweet treat recipe book called Okashi by Keiko Ishida, which I picked up from the Chefs Armoury on the weekend.

DBC1Swiss Roll Sponge
3 eggs
60g caster sugar
50g flour (sifted twice)
Preheat oven to 200 degrees C.  Line swiss roll tin.

Beat eggs and then add sugar.  Place bowl over a double boiler and mix well.

When the egg mixture is warm, use an electric mixer and beat on high speed until light and fluffy.  Reduce speed to low and continue beating for about 1 minute.  Then gently fold in the flour with a spatula.

Pour batter in to prepared tin and spread evenly.  Place tin in the oven and bake for 10 – 13 minutes.
When swiss roll is cooked, remove from pan and place in a big plastic bag to cool.

Spread cake down in one section across the shortest width with sweetened red bean and then spread the whole cake with sweetened whipped cream.  Roll.

DBC4Black Sesame Ice Cream
3/4 cup caster sugar
2 vanilla beans, split lengthwise
1 cup milk
6 egg yolks
2 cups cream
1/2 cup black sesame seeds

Note:  I made half the above mixture, the above makes 1.2L of ice cream

Toast sesame seeds in the oven until they become slightly fragrant, remove and cool.  Then wizz them up in your grinder or use a morta and pestle.

Place sugar and vanilla beans in a  heatproof  bowl.  Pour milk over.  Place on a double boiler of simmering water and stir mixture until it is gently simmering.

Remove milk from heat and cool slightly.  Add egg yolks and whisk through.

Return mixture on top of the simmering water and add the cream.  Stir constantly over heat until the mixture coats the back of a spoon.  To test this run your finger over the back of the coated spoon and if you finger  mark stays it is done.

Mix through sesame seeds.

Remove from heat and cool, place in fridge until cold.

Remove vanilla bean before pour mixture in to your ice cream maker.  Follow maker’s directions on churning.

DBC2 For Sunita’ original challenge recipe please have a look here.

Beside the shape of my swiss roll, it tasted sensational.  Green tea, red bean and fresh cream is a winning combination, one that I will be doing again.  I love black sesame ice cream and was thrilled to have made it myself, it tasted great.  Now having both of these components together??  I think if I hadn’t gone over the top with trying to hide the sad looking swiss roll with the chocolate it would have been a little better.


Hot Cross Bun Ice Cream

28 Mar
March 28, 2010

I was inspired to create a recipe for hot cross bun ice cream after my visit to WD-50 in New York earlier this year. On the menu Wylie Dufresne has a dish called Everything Bagel which has a mini ice cream bagel incorporated in the dish. It was his process of making the bagel flavoured ice cream that inspired my recipe.

The end result tastes like a hot cross bun. Just something a little different for Easter.

Once done mix through the reserved sultanas and place in the freeze until ready to use, enjoy!

Sara xxx

Hot Cross Bun Ice Cream
You will be amazed at the taste.
Recipe type: Dessert
  • 2 hot cross buns
  • 300ml low fat milk
  • 300ml cream
  • 1 vanilla bean, split
  • 5 egg yolks
  • 100g caster sugar
  • a hand full of sultanas
  1. Break up the hot cross buns in a bowl and pour over the milk and the cream and give it a stir through. Place this mixture in the fridge for a few hours.
  2. Use a fine sieve to gently strain the mixture and then place the left over soggy bun mixture in muslin/cheese cloth or even a new clean chux and gently squeeze out the excess liquid. Discard the left over soggy bun mix. You do not want any of the bun in your milk/cream.
  3. Bring the infused milk/cream mixture and vanilla bean to the simmer in a heavy based saucepan.
  4. In the meantime whisk the egg yolks and sugar until pale and combined.
  5. Whisk milk/cream mixture into the egg mixture and then return to the saucepan and to the the stove top.
  6. Cook over a moderate heat continually stirring until the mixture thickens and will coat the back of a spoon.
  7. Strain mixture into a bowl, add a handful of sultanas and place in the fridge to chill.
  8. Once chilled strain out the sultanas and reserve before placing the custard mixture in to the ice cream maker. (This just allows the sultanas to plum up a little)
  9. Churn the mixture in your ice cream machine as per the manufacturers instructions.