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Easter Egg Cake

14 Apr
April 14, 2014

I do like to keep things simple, and that includes entertaining at Easter.  Of course simple doesn’t mean dull or boring.  I wanted to create a dessert that would bring a smile to adults and children alike at the end of Easter Sunday lunch. 

A dessert, which resulted in a hazelnut sponge cake, filled with glorious chocolate cream, surrounded by chocolate tiles and adorned with more chocolate, Easter eggs.  For those entertaining the troops, there are a few do ahead elements, which will make your life easier on the day your guests arrive.

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Zemnieku Brokastis, Farmers’ Breakfast

31 Mar
March 31, 2014

I love potatoes, give them to me baked, boiled or fried.  I have inherited having a continuous healthy stash of them in my kitchen from my mum, they are a staple.  It has only been in recent years, as I research more about Latvian culture and cuisine, that I am adamant that my love of potatoes is in my blood.

If you are like me, when you think of a potato munching country you automatically think of Ireland.  It seems, for all the same reasons that potatoes were important to the Irish, they were just as important to Latvians.

Potatoes are sometimes referred to as ‘the other bread’ by Latvians, and they feature heavily in the cuisine.  The hardy spud was an important introduction to Latvia from North America in the 19th Century.  No longer would peasants go hungry when the grain stores ran low in Winter and Spring, there was food to eat.

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Choc Chip Cookies, Vegan & Gluten Free

27 Mar
March 27, 2014

Yes it is possible to make delicious gluten free, egg free and dairy free chocolate chip cookies.

It’s funny how recipes play out when you are experimenting in the kitchen.   Or at least how my mind works in any case.  Originally I was making gluten free choc chip cookies.  Then it occurred to me that if I swapped out the butter and used coconut oil and used cacao nibs instead of chocolate chips, these cookies would be both gluten and dairy free.

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Hot & Spicy Chicken Wings

24 Mar
March 24, 2014

A bowl of freshly deep fried chicken wings are set down in front of you.  Knowing they’re hot does not deter you from picking one up.  You then proceed to do the chicken wing dance between your fingers.  Holding the wing between one hand before transferring quickly, almost tossing, it to the other, to avoid being burnt. 

You blow like a southerly on the outer crunchy coating in an attempt to cool the piping hot wing.  Just when you think you have succeeded you bite down with your teeth.  The coating shatters on impact with your teeth, resulting in a burst of steam released from the succulently tender meat inside.  You accomplish burning your mouth, which results in making panting noises like you have just gone into labour.  Theatrical short breaths in and out, along with something sounding like ‘hot hot hot’ in an attempt to stop your mouth burning while continuing to eat.

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Chicken & Quinoa Salad

19 Mar
March 19, 2014

Don’t you love my rice paper rolls?  I personally think my brainwork behind them was ingenious.  As you have probably figured out from the photo, sadly the rice paper rolls didn’t agree and I present to you a salad.

Lilydale sent me a gift hamper with some fresh produce, goodies for Salts Meats Cheese, and of course some lovely fat Lilydale chicken breast fillets.  My problem was that the hamper screamed quinoa salad at me, and I didn’t want to make a salad.  I wanted to stretch my imagination and come up with something a little left of centre.

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Chocolate Chip Balls

16 Mar
March 16, 2014

‘A thought popped into my head.  Why aren’t we just frying the bees in coconut oil and be done with it?  Sprinkle with some toasted popped quinoa, a dash of  maple syrup infused with chili?  That way we would be receiving a full dose of bee gut into our digestive systems.’

What on earth inspired that thought to enter my head?  It was a discussion on the benefits of eating bee pollen compared to normal run-of-the-mill pollen, that bee pollen involved the digestive juices of bees, which was actually the benefit.  Of course when I got home I had to find out what bee pollen actually was.

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Pan Fried Chicken Waldorf Sandwich

10 Mar
March 10, 2014

Sometimes all I feel like for dinner is a sandwich.  It needs to be filling, comforting and leave me satisfied.  I’m not talking about a plain old ham or tuna sandwich, something with substance.

Inspired by my recent apple picking trip (yet to be shared on Belly Rumbles), and the want to make Waldorf salad, somehow I ended up with a sandwich.  Not a healthy sandwich by any means, but did tick the satisfying box.

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Pear & Almond Cup Cakes

08 Mar
March 8, 2014

I often purchase spare of the moment ingredients I see, temptation too overpowering.  I usually have no idea on how I will use said ingredient, but I am overwhelmed with the need to have them.

This doesn’t present such a problem when they are pantry items.  I have a list of pantry items waiting for me to play around in the kitchen with them.  The problem is when it is fresh produce, like unusual fruit or vegetables, or simply in season, which grab my attention.

This is what happened with these pears.  I spent the Saturday out shopping and have a lovely lunch with Amanda.  On venturing into the local Asian grocery store, I spied these mini pears.  I apologise now that I have no idea what variety they are, just small, cute as a button little pears.  I just had to have them.

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Abolu Pankukas (Latvian Apple Pancakes)

06 Mar
March 6, 2014

Latvians love pancakes, apples are also very popular in cooking.  Thin pancakes filled with cottage cheese or thicker varieties made with potato, and in this case, apple.

Aussies, like Latvians, love their apples.  More than one in five Aussie adults live by the old adage of eating an apple a day.

We grow 12 varieties of apples in Australia.  This means that there will be an apple variety in season throughout the year.  At the moment Royal Gala and Jonathon apples are in season.

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Baked Stuffed Zucchini Flowers

04 Mar
March 4, 2014

I do love zucchini flowers.  Not only are they a large beautiful flower, but also edible.   My favourite way to eat these golden beauties is stuffed.  They can be filled with all sorts of ingredients, but the most common, and probably most loved, is cheese.

Once they have been stuffed you can either deep fry or bake them.  Deep frying always wins my vote.  The stuffed zucchini flowers dipped in a light batter and fried until golden.  You crunch through the crisp petals to be greeted with an explosion of warm cheese filling.

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