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A Special Birthday at The Boathouse

23 Aug
August 23, 2014

My mother celebrated a very important birthday recently. How old? Pffft seriously not telling you, a lady never reveals her age and a daughter will never tell. Mum and dad flew down to Sydney for the celebrations. One part of the festivities over the weekend was lunch at The Boathouse on Blackwattle Bay.

The Boathouse would be one of my all time favourite restaurants in Sydney for oysters. Not the first time The Boathouse has graced the pages of Belly Rumbles. You can read about my earlier praises here.

Over all the years of visiting, I have never visited with mum. Very poor oversight, as mother like daughter, mum is a lover of oysters too. In particularly Sydney rocks.

Rosemarie Grasis and Joshua McClearyJosh and his grandmother in deep and delightful conversation Read more →


Armory Wharf Café, Newington

30 Jul
July 30, 2014

A recent visit to Sally’s oncologist saw Josh and I having an impromptu lunch at the Armory Wharf Café while Sal had a minor procedure. We actually had no idea what we were going to do to kill a couple of hours, but there was no point in driving back to The Shire from Homebush.

A quick look at Mr Google Maps and my first thought was to head to Strathfield. Totally uninspired by that idea we decided to just go for a drive to see where we ended up.

Armory Wharf Café is where we ended. This wasn’t my first visit, I had lunch here a couple of years a go with my Cuz. It was a really enjoyable lunch and I had intentions to share it with you, but other eats were shared instead.

Armory Wharf CafeLocated at the end of Jamieson Street on the Parramatta River, it is a fantastic location. Surrounded by vast parkland with lots of kid friendly play equipment and things to discover. Parking was a cinch this visit, but on my last visit it took quite a few trips around the car park waiting for somebody to leave. Personally I would avoid this place during school holidays. Read more →

Blackfish Café & Grill, Como

01 Apr
April 1, 2014

I really can’t express what a little hidden paradise, of The Sutherland Shire, Como is.  I recently shared with you all the The Como Grill located in the Como Hotel.  This would be the most obvious place to eat, as it is the most prominent building in Como.  Actually to those not familiar with the are, you may think it was the only place to eat in this waterside suburb.

Not true, there are actually a couple of other places to eat.  One, a Thai restaurant located at the entrance to The Pleasure Grounds, and the other options quite hidden, you need to know they are there.

Black Fish Cafe 7Blackfish Café is one of these hidden gems.  You have to know it is there, be looking for it, or luckily stumble upon it by chance while strolling through the park.  Located next door to the (free) local swimming pool inside The Pleasure Grounds.  The café has stunning views over the Georges River, Como Marina and the Como Bridge. Read more →

Flanagans Dining Room, Thirroul

19 Nov
November 19, 2013

This is a tale of two visits to Flanagans.  The first was back in June, a family lunch to celebrate both Josh and my birthdays.

Flanagans had been on the ‘to dine’ list for quite a while.  I loved the location right on Thirroul beach.  Plus the smattering of reviews I had read were all positive.  Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide has since listed Flanagans as one of the top three restaurants in the Illawarra Region.

Flanagans Dining Room Thirroul BeachOur visit to was on the most miserable of winter’s days.  So much for my thoughts of a sunny winters lunch by the beach.  It was raining, the wind was howling, but the historic beach kiosk, that houses the restaurant, proved to be a warm and safe haven for lunch.  Warm, comfy and most enjoyable with the modern fireplaces burning away.

The restaurant has a casual beach shack feel.  Pale blues and white dominate with the odd splash of yellow.  Diners during the day are a mixed bag.  From those just walking in to others that have planned a special lunch. Read more →

Harbourside Beach Barbie

30 Sep
September 30, 2013

What true Aussie doesn’t love a barbie. I know when my neighbours are having one, it makes me want to run up to the shops, grab supplies and start grilling. BBQs and summer go hand in hand in Aus. It may not quite be summer yet, but Sydney’s weather is absolutely glorious at this time of the year. Perfect time to throw a prawn on the barbie. For my US readers, we don’t call them shrimps, ever. Well, unless they are a small prawn. Then we would probably say, ‘take that shrimpy prawn back to the kitchen, this is Australia, and I wants me a big prawn!’.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAhead chef rhys ward throwing a few prawns on the barbie

BBQs are great and really there are only a couple of things that can make them even better. Firstly hold it on the glorious foreshore of Sydney Harbour;  where the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House are there beside you. Secondly, have one of Sydney’s talented Chefs cook your BBQ for you.

Each Saturday during October, Good Food Month in Sydney, BBQ bliss can be yours at The Sydney Cove Oyster Bar. It’s no secret my love of SCOB and long history of eating there, but at $55/person for the best BBQ in town, in the best location in town, it’s too good to pass up.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI was kindly invited for a taste of what is being served up over October. Sydney turned on all her charms for the day with perfect weather and lots of action out on the harbour. Plus there was the action of SCOB Head Chef Rhys Ward manning the BBQ. Read more →

Carss Park Cafe & Grill, Carss Park

22 Jul
July 22, 2013

Weekends are made for indulgent breakfasts and brunches.  Preferably ones that have been made for you, not at home (cleaning up factor), but out at a cafe.  A little spoiler, something more than the traditional mid-week breakfast, a piece of toast or bowl of cereal hastily scoffed before heading out the door to work.

Carss Park Cafe is a hidden gem within the Carss Bush Park near Blakehurst.  One of those cafes that the locals know about.  Actually the park is a hidden gem as well.  Cheekily hidden behind a nursing home, hotel and houses.  The only tiny indicator of its existence, visible from the Princess Highway,  are the sport fields.  Even then nothing is given away of the rolling grass lawns of the park, bush walking tracks, humongous children’s playground and netted public swimming  The perfect place for a picnic, there are even BBQs, all on the banks of Kogarah Bay.

Within this park is Carss Cafe & Grill.  Located within view of the playground so mum’s can sit outside and enjoy a cappuccino while watching their offspring frolic and play.  For those kidless amongst us, take in the views of the river or park.  Alternatively  grab a seat inside.

It’s a Saturday morning and a relaxed breakfast is decided on before a busy day of renovation shopping.  It has been ages since the last time I visited the cafe.  Not quite sure why it has taken so long for me to return.  On my last visit I had an amazing mushroom breakfast, and it is due to Mushroom Mania that I am prompted to visit.

Sadly our visit is off to a bit of a rough start.  The person who eventually greets us seems to be somewhere else, quite aloof.  We are seated, and there we sit, and sit.  No menus, just dumped and forgotten about.  About 10 minutes later Mac has had enough, and goes to find out if it is order at a counter, do we get menus, if it is table service, basically what the is situation.  After a not so gentle prod, menus come out and we are then served by another person that seems to be more on the ball and quite friendly. Read more →

Alphabet St, Cronulla

13 May
May 13, 2013

Finally when somebody asks me where to eat in The Shire, there won’t be any deep thought or hesitation on my answer.  It is elementary my dear Watson, Alphabet St.

Located at the beach end of the Kingsway, the restaurant offers views over Dunningham Park, pedestrian concourse and the beach.  A group of us had organised to have a lazy Sunday lunch.  Three of my friends weren’t familiar at all with Cronulla and I was thrilled that it was a gorgeously sunny Autumn day.  If you are going to show off part of your hood, you want it to shine in all its glory.

Alphabet St opened up in Cronulla at the end of 2012, but a restaurant opening isn’t an unusual affair.  What excited me about this particular opening was that Joe Natale and his partner Oriana were behind it.  If their names don’t ring a bell they use to own the popular Rambutan on Oxford St in Darlinghurst.   You will also find ex-Rambutan Chef, Tiw Rakarin, in the kitchen.Alphabet St InteriorThe restaurant has a modern urban vibe.  Timber box frames on the stark walls representing buildings.  Washed concrete floors giving a pavement feel.  Unclad ceilings with drop down lights representing street lights.  A wall of green behind the bar and astro turf on the balcony is the greenery in the urban sprawl of Alphabet St.  Which just happens to be named after the Prince song ‘Alphabet Street’. Read more →

Point Break Bar & Grill, Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast

16 Jan
January 16, 2013

Since my parents, waved farewell to Sydney and moved to live on the Gold Coast I spend quite a bit of time up here each year.  It also happens that two girlfriends I have known since school have made the GC their home as well.  Besides having quality time with my parents on each visit, it has become mandatory that I have a girly dinner out with my friends Ms S and Ms K.

We sit there for hours chatting, it starts as soon as we lay eyes on each other and I pity the poor wait staff that usually have to come back two or three times to take our orders.  We are generally the last ones to leave the restaurant.  Then the ritual of hugs, kisses and goodbyes usually takes place at least two times in the car park.  Our dinners are the perfect example of three good friends, defragging about life and enjoying good food and each others’ company, a perfect combination.

I am back up on the Gold Coast and I realise that I have yet to write about any of the restaurants that we have visited together.  I actually feel quite bad about this, as they both know about Belly Rumbles.  A restaurant is picked that they think I will like (we generally try something new).  Ms S and Ms K sit patiently while I take photos, they know about ‘the rules’ when dining out with a food blogger, God bless them.  They are forgiving when I am rude and quickly make notes on my iPhone.  These two woman are truly wonderful about my restaurant antics, but yet, I am to write about one of our dinners. Read more →

Sydney Cove Oyster Bar

16 Aug
August 16, 2012

My first visit to the Sydney Cove Oyster Bar was in the late 80’s.  The 1908 federation building had just been redeveloped as a restaurant  in time for Australia’s bicentennial in 1988.  I fell in love with the history of the building which was originally constructed for Burns Philip & Co workers as part of the wharf facilities, this included a public lavatory.  Yes, when you eat at the SCOB, you are eating at a heritage loo.  Trust me I love telling everyone I take there this fact.

As soon as the SCOB opened, my dad would take overseas colleagues there for lunch on the weekends when showing them around Sydney.  I too took on this trait when showing my overseas colleagues around Sydney.  It is in a brilliant location on Sydney Harbour.

Read more →

Josh Vs Food – Moo Gourmet Burgers – Deluxe Moo Challenge

31 Jan
January 31, 2012

Moo Gourmet Burger chain, issued a challenge to me to eat their Deluxe Moo burger.   So yeah, this burger is basically two burgers put together and is the size of my head, weighs 1.5+ kgs.  I feel full just looking at it. Read more →