Tim’s Surf & Turf, Darwin & Win the Ultimate Date Night thanks to Berlei

Berlei have just launched their new Dig Free legwear and to help celebrate I have a indulgent prize up for grabs on Belly Rumbles.

I have to admit that I am a bit of a Berlei bra girl.  Okay that was probably sharing to much information, but they are one of two brands of bras that are my favourite for the curvy girl with larger assets.

I also have to admit that I didn’t realise Berlei extended their range to legwear.  Berlei’s new Dig Free range (RRP $15.95) is specially designed to hide those natural lumps and bumps that most of us get.  A cleverly engineered waistband and the unique garment control technology, smoothes away those bumps and muffin tops for a sleeker shape which gives you a confidence boost.  Available in a range of colours and denier, which are perfect for the coming Winter.

Berlei-web-imageI have been pretty strict of late with my diet.  I am basically attempting to get in to shape and shift a few kilos before August.  What’s happening in August you ask?  It’s a secret for now, but all will be revealed later this year.

Really watching what goes past my lips makes me think more about cheating on the diet more than ever before.  I am sure this is quite normal and we all feel this way when denying ourselves.  I have been ever so good, but unfortunately I totally fell off the rails on our recent holiday.  Seriously, who wants to diet when on holidays?  For a solid 10 days, while in the Northern Territory, I didn’t really worry about what I ate.

As mentioned I have a very generous prize to give away, thanks to Berlei and their Dig Free Range, but let me first tell you about one of the best meals I had in Darwin.  In cases like this, some Dig Free bump smoothing is very appreciated!

Darwin is known for its oversized meals, and Tim’s Surf & Turf  is no exception.  Located out of the way in a side alley off Cavenagh St, you have to be looking for Tim’s to find it.  There are a few inside tables, but I suggest, if weather permits, that you grab one outside amongst the lanterns and palm trees.  There is even a pond in the courtyard where the resident crocodile resides.

Tim’s is very popular with locals and very busy.  Reservations are only available for large groups.  I suggest getting there early to ensure a table, and avoid the mad rush around 7pm when the place will become packed.

Tims Darwin 2It was actually Tim himself that showed us to a table and then decided to sit down with us and personally explain how the system works at the restaurant.  Full of personality , very friendly, a great introduction to the restaurant.

So how does the system work at Tim’s?  Once seated you will notice a docket style order form and pencil on the table.  This also acts as the menu with dish descriptions on the back.  Fill the form in, take it up to the counter, pay for your meal and you will be given a number for the table.  You can also order your drinks while ordering your meal.  For drinks after that head straight to the bar.

The menu reminds me of an extensive pub menu.  Entrees of breads & dips, various styles of oysters, prawn and squid dishes, an Asian influence via spring rolls and chicken satay.  There is a touch of the Northern Territory with crocodile.  Quite a large main selection, seafood platters, schnitzels, pasta, salads, steaks, various other seafood offerings, and of course barramundi and crocodile.  A small selection of reasonably priced wine, beer and spirits are also available.

Tims Darwin 3A decision of a couple of entrees to share was made as we had spied some of the mains, and they were massive.  Chicken Satay ($12), four tender chicken skewers served with rice and salad.  A kicking peanut sauce to accompany it, nice deep flavour, none of this peanut butter tasting stuff that can be found in many a restaurant.

Tims Darwin 4Crocodile Taste ($12), four pieces of crocodile schnitzel, salad and a sweet chilli dipping sauce.  The  crocodile pieces are thin and covered in a crunchy coating.  If you haven’t tried crocodile before it’s a safe introduction.

Tims Darwin 7Mains arrive and they are even bigger up close.  We could have survived without the side of potato wedges with sour cream & chilli sauce ($10).  Sadly due to the amount of food they were hardly touched.  All mains come with creamy potatoes, and a choice of salad or vegetables.  The potatoes are creamy, tender and can be found hiding under some grated carrot and daikon.  I didn’t expect much from the potatoes and surprisingly found myself polishing off every mouthful.

Tims Darwin 5Salt & Pepper squid with salad ($22).  Large tender pieces of squid within a deep fried seasoned coating.  Accompanied with sweet chilli sauce, lime and a Greek style salad.

Tims Darwin 6The special of the day was Cajun Fried Chicken Salad ($17.50).  A mountain of salad which included lettuce, cucumber, snowpea sprouts, carrot, tomato, chives, beetroot, daikon and rockmelon.  The salad topped with a generous serve of tender chicken encased by a crunchy Cajun coating.

Tims Darwin 8I ordered the Chicken Kiev ($22), which ended up being the biggest dish of the evening!  A humongous chicken fillet filled with garlic butter and then topped with more garlic goodness in the form of a cream sauce.  I made a valiant attempt, but no matter how much I tried or wanted to I couldn’t get through it all.

Dessert?  I am not actually sure if Tim’s even do dessert.  Was not something that we even contemplated we were so full.

Enough about my holiday indulgences.  I am sure you’re anxious to know how you can participate in a little indulging yourself.

How would you like to win the ultimate Date Night?  Dinner for two and also be totally spoilt with limousine transfers to and from the restaurant!  Plus you will get to try Berlei Dig Free for yourself.

To be in the running to win this great prize it is as simple as leaving a comment below.  Just share your favourite ‘cheat’ treat (and recipe if it’s short and sweet).  Competition is only open to Australian residents and closes Friday 24th May at 5pm.  Full T&C’s here.  Feel free to enter as many times as you like.

Do tell dear Belly Rumble’s reader, what is your favourite ‘cheat’ treat?

Sara xxx

This post has been sponsored by Berlei

Tim’s Surf & Turf
10 Litchfield St, Darwin City
Tel: +61 8 8981 1024

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  1. says

    Hey Sara, good luck with the diet and the mystery event in August :)
    I’ve only had crocodile once (cooked by my housemate) but I’m keen to try it prepared different ways.
    Regarding cheats, I’d say mine are alcohol and chips (potato, sweet potato, corn or banana)… and usually one leads to the other.
    Gaby recently posted..Review: Thr1ve (Sydney CBD)

  2. says

    Fav cheat treat is definitely a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. Totally divine, and I rarely ever eat them. However, I also never can say no to Sticky Date Pudding… I have been known to order it with a side of steamed veggies for dinner in restaurants!!

  3. says

    Almost embarrassed to let you in on my little cheat treat. Cheater’s Rice Pudding. Take one small ramekin. Cover the bottom with some jasmine or long grain white rice (about a cm’s worth), a sprinkle of sultanas and add milk so rice is just covered. Add a huge dollop of vanilla ice cream. Put in microwave and zap for 30 seconds, take out, mix about and then zap again for a further 60 seconds or until rice is cooked (will vary depending on microwave you are using). Bingo! Instant Rice Pudding. Kids love it and, um, so do many adults. x
    Caro Webster recently posted..The go-to list for autumn…

  4. says

    Now I want to know what’s happening in August! I was loving your pics during your trip, RJ and I have been saying for ages we need to get up to NT – but a date night would be perfect in the meantime ;D As for my fave cheat treat – rich, proper, decadent, so dark it is black chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream. When I’m being good it is a spoonful of coconut butter with cacao nibs ;D
    JJ – 84thand3rd recently posted..Corn, Zucchini & Saltbush Fritters

  5. Edwina says

    Those meals look epic! Dieting is just so hard – i did a detox recently and my body was just dying for sugar so my cheat treat was dates. Nature’s chocolate. I love how luscious & decadent they taste. Good luck & will keep my eyes peeled for your August surprise :)

  6. says

    Date night? What’s that? Been oh so long… sigh… Can’t tell you how much I’d love a date night – and with a limo, too! Fanccee! My fav cheat treat would be spoonfuls of my chocolate ganache: melt 150g best quality dark choc with 1/2 cup cream in small pan til smooth & glossy. When cool put in fridge. When cold eat by the spoonful :)
    ps – what’s happening in August?!
    The Hungry Mum recently posted..Salted chocolate chip and toffee biscuits / cookies

  7. victoria says

    Cheat treat? Definitely sliced haloumi grilled for about a minute in it’s own oil and later drizzled with olive oil! If I’m feeling healthy I’ll sandwich it between slices of tomato and rocket leaves!

  8. Narelle Rock says

    my cheat treat would be brie cheese and crackers, unfortunately I struggle to only have a small amount, before I know it the whole round has been devoured!!

  9. says

    All of those dishes look delicious! I hate the word diet, such discipline rules out any spontaneity and fun in life. I’m cutting out sugar at the moment, but have been so surprised (pleasantly so!) to find lots of sugar free alternatives that are almost close enough to the real thing. My cheat though, which I dream about, is a very simple thing: ice cream. I can’t wait to have a bowl of it!
    thesuzchef recently posted..Review: 4 Fourteen, Surry Hills

  10. Martine @ Chompchomp says

    Oh that’s a tricky one because I have a few! Lately it has been Cobs organic slightly sweet slightly salty popcorn but I am a sucker for chocolate and love smearing a softened Lindt truffle onto a GF jatz like cracker! Weird I know but don’t knock it til you try it!

  11. ROBYN LITTLE says

    I too am a big fan of Berlei’s bras for the fuller figure. As for my favourite cheat, depending on my mood, it would either be a selection of cheeses with crusty bread – must include a creamy blue and a camembert or brie or a slice of a decadent torte, the more decadent the better.

  12. Robyn Little says

    Tim’s Surf & Turf looks fantastic – loved all the dishes shown. I spent time working in Darwin at the end of 1999 as part of the East Timor Response Team for Customs when chaos erupted in East Timor after the free elections. It was the most amazing place and the food was incredible. Such a vibrant international flavour to everything.

    I am a sucker for anything crispy and fried, especially chicken, so I would have to count that as a cheat food too.

  13. Erin Wong says

    Ohhhh….Tim’s look divine. Need to organize a visit to Darwin soon.

    My cheat treat is always camembert cheese with chili jam on crackers…

  14. says

    Wow the new range looks great, definitely need to camouflage those lady lumps hehe.

    Easy breezy cheesecake filling:
    Whip together half cream cheese, half greek yoghurt and icing sugar ^^

  15. says

    Ooh I really want to know what’s happening in August now! Hehe. Hope to read about it soon 😀

    Hmmmm if I want a sweet cheat treat when I’m being good, I love whipping up frozen bananas in the blender with cocoa powder for a chocolatey fruity ice cream 😀 But If I’m being terribly evil (which I must admit happens all too often), one of my biggest weaknesses is a big ole chocolatey brownie. Can’t go wrong!
    Christine @ Cooking Crusade recently posted..Giveaway: Your chance to win two bottles of Taylors Estate wine!

  16. Lozluvs2eat says

    Love your pics Sara!
    My cheat treat & biggest downfall are hot chips. They just have to be eaten… All of them :)

  17. Amanda@ChewTown says

    Okay, so my diet cheat is a big ole bag of sweet and salty popcorn. Now it doesn’t sound so unhealthy, but imagine eating two giant bags in one sitting… I just can’t stop. Nom!

  18. Robyn Little says

    Given that anything battered and fried is a typical cheat food for me, I found the crocodile dish you had particularly appealing. Haven’t ever tried crocodile, but I ate alligator cooked in a very similar style in New Orleans and it was absolutely delicious..

  19. says

    instead of baking a whole tray of cookies i do a deep dish chocolate chip cookie. Its quick and easy and tastes amazing. Its also good comfort food :)

    1 tbsp. butter, melted
    1 tbsp. white sugar
    1 tbsp. brown sugar
    3 drops of vanilla
    pinch of salt
    1 egg yolk
    1/4 c. flour
    2 tbsp. chocolate chips

    In a bowl, ix together the butter, sugars, vanilla, and egg yolk.
    Add in the flour and salt.
    Mix until combined.
    Add in the chocolate chips.
    Put the dough into a small microwaveable bowl, ramekin, or coffee cup.
    Microwave for 40-60 seconds or until the cookie looks done.
    Best served warm… Enjoy!
    mary coulter recently posted..almond joy popcorn

  20. says

    Dieting is such a challenge for foodies! Special event in aug….the mind boggles ?? Being a savourtooth my cheat treat is four cheese toastie …..lightly toast some sourdough then sprinkle with grated gruyere, ricotta, Parmesan and Gorgonzola dolce latte and grill until soft and gooey! Mmm think I need to make an afternoon snack….

  21. says

    I so need those dig free leg thingys! Way too many lumps and bumps on me these days, thanks to two little boys and an addiction to my cheat treat of chocolate dipped strawberries (funny thing is that Michelle Bridges has them in her “No Excuses” recipe book as a dessert option, think you’re only meant to have one…I have at least ten each time!).


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