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  1. Janelle Unrau

    Thank-you for your information on Ruby Chocolate. I have been troubled in the last day or so to find that the bonbons I made with a ruby shell with dark chocolate ganache started fading. Based on your comments, should I be OK that this is natural? Thank-you.

    • Sara McCleary

      Hi Janelle

      Your bon bons sound absolutely delicious! It could be one or two things, yes the colour has naturally faded being exposed to light, or have they been heat effected? This too will make the chocolate fade. The main thing is, do they still taste great?

      • Janelle Unrau

        Thanks, Sara. They’ve definitely not been heat effected. Someone from the Chocolate Academy online wondered if it was a PH reaction between the Ruby Couverture and the dark chocolate ganache. It seems to be quite mysterious at this point.

        • Sara McCleary

          That is a really interesting point, thank you for passing that one on to me. I didn’t think they would have been heat effected, I was really stretching for reasons why it may have happened.

  2. Gloria

    What is the ratio for ganache

  3. Sarah

    Hi I was wondering if ruby Chocolate has any caffeine in it like the dark and milk chocolate?

    • Sara

      Hi Sarah

      i will have to take a stab in the dark regarding the caffeine quantity in ruby chocolate. As it is made from the beans like milk and dark chocolate then I would guess that it does.

      • Ana

        Is there any way you can find out and confirm whether this chocolate does have caffeine or not please? My sister has allergies to caffeine. And I’d like to know that she can have this Ruby Chocolate. I’ve been trying Google but nothing seems to come up to answer this question definitely.

        • Sara McCleary

          Hi Ana, as your sister has an allergy to caffeine I don’t want to take the risk of passing on the wrong information to you. I suggest you contact the Barry Callebaut contact in your country and directly and ask them to be sure. I would hate to pass on wrong information, sorry.

  4. Sandy

    Hi Sara, thank you for the in-depth introduction on Ruby. As a homebaker, I’d like to introduce this new chocolate to my clients, especially for the upcoming mother’s day. I live in tropics, hot and humid year round and I saw your comments on not to store Ruby in the fridge and that instantly stopped me from using it. Is there any other way to overcome this problem? Am storing all my chocolates, including white chocolate, couverture and compound too without any problem. Also, can Ruby be used as a ganache to cover cakes? I’d be grateful if you could enlighten me. Thank you very much.

    • Sara

      Hi Sandy

      It is recommended to not store any chocolate in the fridge. But, under your circumstances the fridge is the more stable environment for it along with your other chocolate.

      Yes you can use ruby chocolate as a ganache to cover cakes. Use it as you would any other chocolate. You will need to play around with the ratio of cream to ruby chocolate to get the right consistency you want for the ganache.

      • Sandy

        Thank you very much for your prompt reply, Sara! Hope I can get my hands on the Ruby chocolate soon. Also, I really appreciate your honesty when you mentioned about the colour of the baked cake, it’s really helpful and I like people being honest. Keep baking and inspiring others. Have a great day there….

        • Sara

          My pleasure Sandy, have fun experimenting with it 🙂

  5. Jessica

    Hi Sara,
    Wow, this is just amazing! This is very informative. I love the color, it’s my favorite but it’s just sad that Callebaut ruby chocolate does not retain it’s color when cooked 🙁 I’m looking forward to having a taste of this 😉
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Annissa

    Never heard of this type of chocolate! Looks interestingly delicious! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Natalie

    This chocolate sounds amazing! I never tried anything like this!

  8. Mary Bostow

    Great information. Thanks for sharing. Keep uploading content like this. Appreciated.


    This is my first time hearing of ruby chocolate and I am fascinated!I need to try and get my hands on some as that color is just divine!

  10. Demeter

    Thank you so much for sharing all of the detail! I love the color so a bit disappointed to know it doesn’t keep the same shade when cooked.

  11. Gaby

    Interesting! I had heard about this “fourth” kind of chocolate but had no idea where to find it. Reading your review, I don’t think I’d like it.

    • Sara

      Hi Gaby, I think (well it is the approach I am taking) you just need to not think of it as traditional chocolate. It’s unique and interesting. Do try it if you get the chance to .

      • Gaby

        Will do 🙂

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