The Amish Cupboard, Buena Vista, Virginia |

The Amish Cupboard, Buena Vista, Virginia USA

The joy of travelling for business is you find yourself in all sorts of places, like The Amish Cupboard, that normal tourists just don’t venture.  I was a tag-a-long as Mac was in Christiansburg, Virginia for business. What do good tag-a-long wives do? They drop their spouse like a hot rock at work, abandoning them there with…

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Chilli Plum Sauce Recipe, easy to make with a mellow chilli heat |

Easy Chilli Plum Sauce Recipe

The lazy part of me, and that is a big part sadly, initially wonders, “why would you bother making chilli plum sauce at home when you can buy it?” One very good reason, making sauce is dead easy, especially my chilli plum sauce. And there is nothing like a bit of self love from a…

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Jimmy-Liks Prawn Balls

Jimmy Liks, Potts Point, Sydney

Jimmy Liks has been around for quite a while now. Frist time I ate there was about ten years ago. I became a firm fan of their twice cooked spicy pork hock. Actually I raved to anyone that would listen about how good it was. I ventured back a couple of other times after the…

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Ricotta & Polenta Chips

Polenta Chips with Ricotta & Rosemary, Baked

Originally these ricotta and polenta chips were going to be fried. In fact I started to do so, but I was creating a bit of a mess. Plus the polenta chips were soaking up far more oil than my brain and hips felt comfortable with. A light bulb moment occurred as I was scraping, prodding…

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Air Choice One

But, I’m the only one on the plane?

Have you ever been the sole passenger on a commercial flight? It happened to me last year in the US. But before I get to the actual flight, let me set the scene. I had an early flight from Chicago’s O’Hare international airport to a rural town in Iowa called Burlington. Not heard of Burlington?…

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