Traditional Christmas Cake Recipe |

Traditional Christmas Cake (Boiled)

What really makes a traditional Christmas cake recipe ‘traditional’ is when the recipe has been passed down from your Mother. Mum makes this cake every year. In fact I have never bothered making it before as she has always made me one. Since their move north I no longer receive a beautifully made Christmas cake…

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raclette |

Aussie Raclette BBQ

You may be wondering what raclette is? It may not sound like it, but raclette is a very tasty and delicious cheese. A cheese that I feel has two faces. When eaten as is has a mild nutty flavour with a touch of milky sweetness, but nowhere near as sweet as say a Swiss cheese….

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Puer, Waterloo

Yum cha on Dank Street, who would of thought? The only reason why I new of Puer’s existence is that I found the establishment while looking on a certain restaurant booking site that’s in cahoots with a certain airline. This certain airline was giving members triple points on restaurant bookings via their site when dining…

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Vegan Rum Balls |

Healthy Christmas Rum Balls

Vegan rum balls, paleo rum balls, whatever you want to call them these balls are healthy for you.  This recipe doesn’t use traditional rum ball ingredients, but they allow you to have a guilt free rum ball hit. Traditionally rum balls are made with chocolate, cream, biscuit or cake. Considering we only eat them very occasionally…

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Who Will Win Recipe to Riches 2014?

Who will win this season’s Recipe to Riches Australia? Who do you have your money on, or high hopes of seeing their product back on Woolworths’ shelves? If last year’s winner, Garth and his Chocorn, are anything to go by, don’t hold high hopes for it to be on the shelves immediately. Once they ran…

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Cherry Cola Popsicles |

Cherry Cola Popsicles

You may recall a few weeks back I made some cola syrup to flavour carbonated water. It was a big hit and was used up before I knew it. Seriously it was a case of gone in sixty seconds. Luckily I had a little experiment with some of before it all vanished. With Australian cherries…

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